Baby Watch…. a year later…

A year ago I was planning a series of posts on Baby Watch, 2012.  I wrote about the trip up to wait the arrival of our grandson.  It was a fun time, the weather was much too hot to have fun outside, but we did manage to tour Gettysburg for three days and we did take several walks with our family in the D.C. area.

The baby was born and I went on with my posting.  Last week I began to think about this time last year.  I thought of the posts and smiled to  myself.  The baby watch became baby watching.  We have loved watching him grow this year.

He was an alert baby from the start.  His bright eyes captured our hearts immediately.  He seemed to smile sooner than I remember my own children smiling.  His smile is so heartwarming, and contagious.  Yes, I know, I am gushing, but he is so easy to gush over.

He has grown so much and with each visit via Skype, he changes.  He smiles and babbles on.  I know he is talking to me and telling me about his adventures with his Nana.  Nana watches him each morning while my daughter teaches preschool.  They share wonderful adventures and he loves to tell me about them.

He has eight teeth (at least I think that is the count now).  He smiles and you see them and have to laugh.  He loves to eat his fruit and veggies and recently he discovered the wonderous joy of carnitas (homemade, of course).  I guess he could not get enough of the pork pieces.

He is starting to venture out in walking now.  He has taken a couple of steps on his own, but with his quick smile, he realizes he is not just ready yet and reaches out for someone close by.

We get to visit him soon.  I am anxious for this, and keep checking the calendar to make  certain it’s still only June.  I have another month and a few days to go before we leave, and time is just not going fast enough for me to be there.

The baby watch will go on, I am afraid.  I will watch him until my eyes no longer work.  He will always be our little baby grandson.  He will always have that joy that infects our hearts with laughter.  A year ago, I thought I knew how I would feel when I saw him.  I was so wrong.  I thought I would be happy and joyful.  I was that, but this is so much more.  People warned me about being a grandparent.  I thought they were exaggerating.  Again, wrong!

I am so thankful for this gift in our life.  He teaches me so much when I see him and hold him.  Lessons I am learning can’t be put into words though.  I look at him and see the glory of God, for he is our precious gift from God.  I see a life starting to unfold.  A life beginning, a life ready to learn and explore and touch.  Through his eyes I see the beauty of a tree, the wonder of a cloud and the adventure of walking around a coffee table.

I feel the release to squeal with laughter over any accomplishment.  The delight to wave hello to people.  The freedom to give kisses on those you love.  These are lessons I needed to relearn.  I am so glad the Lord provided such a wonderful teacher in our little grandson.   Yes, I will continue with the baby watch… and will drag you, my dear blogging friends along with me.

Thanks for stopping by, I appreciate it.  DAF


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16 thoughts on “Baby Watch…. a year later…

  1. Wow! Teeth & walking? I can’t believe it. This is one of those times when technology really is a blessing. He’ll probably be on the go when you arrive…you better rest up now, boys tend to go from wobbling to running in the blink of an eye.

  2. his momma went from crawling to running… she never really walked anywhere, she ran. If he is like his momma in energy, she will really be exhausted when we see him! Thanks for stopping by. I so appreciate your visits.

  3. I know exactly how you feel! There are no possible words magical enough to describe how wonderful he is or how much you love him. My grandson is now 14 and I will tell you he has grown into such a beautiful young man that my heart just swells even thinking about him. Yours will do the same. The love you think could never grow any more will multiply a million times. Enjoy every precious minute of it! They truly are a blessing from God!

  4. thank you for stopping by my blog, and for your wonderful comment. I truly appreciate your visiting me. I can only imagine what another 13 years will be like with him. Enjoy your grandson and thanks again for stopping by.

  5. It was my turn to cry when I read your beautiful words this morning. As I was reading your post our little grandson was blissfully sleeping, hands sweetly folded by his face. You captured our joy perfectly. It’s a joy to share the journey with you.

    Nana Banana ~

  6. who would have thought 34 years ago that we would still be on a journey together and one that is so delightful? I love being able to say to such a good friend, your grandson is the absolute perfect little guy and truly mean it! He is our joy and our heart, isn’t he? Thanks for being you Nana Banana…. Grammy

  7. I saw your link on Susie’s blog. What you wrote herein is beautiful. Very touching. Brought a tear to my eye. TFS your heartfelt thoughts. 🙂

  8. What a beautiful story! I found your blog thru Susie’s…Nana Banana :). So glad I did! I can see that there is more than one writer in the family! Enjoy your trip to see that beautiful baby! 🙂

  9. thank you so much for visiting my blog. Susie is a very talented and gifted friend. She honored me in sharing my writing. Thanks again and yes, I am so excited to see that baby!

  10. Hello! I came here from Teddy’s other Nana’s blog and now my heart is all choked up feeling the love this little boy is blessed with. How lucky he is to have you in his life. I don’t have grandchildren, but I know what love feels like, and I’m feeling it here. Thank you for your beautiful words.

  11. thank you for stopping by my blog. I am glad your enjoyed this post. Susie was so gracious to mention my post in her post. Your cards are also very sweet. Thanks for leaving a comment and I hope you will stop by again. DAF

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