The family is a haven in a heartless world.  ~Attributed to Christopher Lasch

I was born into a family.  (We all are for that matter).    I am the middle of three girls.  My older sister is 4 years my senior, and my younger is 2 years behind me.

We had a nice family.  We did things together, we had meals together, we laughed together, we were disciplined.  My parents showed affection to each other, we saw them laugh and hold hands and lay in the grass and look at the clouds and dream together.

We lived in a small town and I think my childhood was pretty idyllic.    My sisters and I played the normal games growing up, house, store, school.  We rode bikes together, we played tag.  We hid from one another to get peace or escape getting caught for doing something we shouldn’t have.

We had cousins across the river.  We rode bikes with them.  We knew their boundaries for bike rides.  They were family.  They were part of us.

We had another set of cousins at a neighboring city, eight miles from ours.  We had sleep overs and went to fairs and had gatherings.  They, too, were part of us.  We belonged to one another.

We had other sets of cousins who lived in exotic cities like, Pittsburgh, Baltimore, D.C..  It was a special time when they joined us.  It was true excitement and fun for all.

My core family was the five of us.  Until I was 11.  Then it was the four of us.  It was different growing up without our Mom, but we did it.  My older sister stepped in and became a mother figure.  My dad struggled to be the sole parent, lost, as he was, after my Mom passed.

That was our family unit. It stayed the same until my older sister married.  Then, we added one more.  Next, I met, dated, got engaged to and eventually married my hubby.  His family became my family.  I added a grandmother, more aunts and uncles, and a whole lot of new cousins.

These people all seemed strange to me at first, but, then, they became family.  They were part of me.

After marriage my thinking of family changed a bit.  I had everyone I have just mentioned, but, for the most part, it was hubby and me.  That was my family.  I was happy with that.

Hubby was a military person.  That meant that we became the family who lived in exotic cities…  Norfolk; Nagai, Japan; Winter Harbor; San Diego to name a few.  That meant when we visited home, it was a special time.  It was fun, it was a party.

This is fine for when you are at that magical place called home, where everyone knows your back stories and your history and where the scar on your knee came from, but, for military families you live where no one knows those things.

Family became different, once more.  We met others just as lonely as we were.  We joined them for meals, for church, for picnics.  They became family.  Through the years we added more people to our heart.  They are more than friends.  They are aunt and uncle to our kids.  They were at birthday parties, recitals, graduations.  They were there when it hurt to talk and when the joy was overflowing.  They were part of us.

In the past five years, our family has changed more.  We have added a son-in-law, who is more like a son to us.  His folks, his family, who we have considered family for years are now officially family to us.  We share our kids.  Even more we share our grandson.  They are part of us.  They are family.

Family is a unit that morphs through the years.  People are added and sadly, people are lost.  Our hearts, so full and complete somehow open up to keep adding family.  We think of people in our life, those who are truly kindred spirits, they are connected to us  even if we are not true blood relations,and our heart takes no notice. They are part of us, they are family.

What prompted my thinking on family was several things, really.  I was looking for a cute quote for my Facebook page for Father’s Day.  I didn’t find one, but I did see the quote I opened this post with.  That was one prompt.  The other came in the form of an award  from Raising The Curtain ( .  This is a blog I love.  Her humor, her words, her outlook on life is uplifting and a blessing to me.  She honored me with the Word Press Family Award wordpress-family-award-1

To quote her, “The concept of the WordPress family is a good one and the notion that there are people “out there” who actually take the time to care about you and your life and positively impact on your blogging”    To have her say this to me, was overwhelming, as she has taken time more than once to ask about me, how I am doing.  She has also encouraged me to keep at it.  Thank you so much Raising!  Someday I will make it to your neck of the world and I can give you a real hug instead of virtual one.

This award got me thinking about family because there are these people in the blogging world who have become ‘family’ to me.  I will most likely never meet them, but they are still family to me.  I care about them and want the very best for them.

So, here are the rules for this award:

Rules: the award logo on your blog.

  • Link back to the person who nominated you.
  • Nominate 10 (or more) others you see as having an impact on your WordPress experience and family.
  • Let your 10 (or more) Family members know you have awarded them.


I may not nominate ten, as Raising the Curtain has already done that for some of the ones I would have, but here are members of my blogging family.  Stop by for a visit to them.  Have a cup of tea/coffee and get to know them, they are great members of my family, truly.

Athingirldotcom (  She is part of the family that everyone knows the party has started when she arrives!

My Men and Me (  She is part of the family that will host each and every event.  She is that place that is truly ‘home’.

Elizabeth W Marshall ~ poetry ( She is part of the family who you can go to at any time and know she is going to care for you and pray for you and point you in the right direction

Coming East (  She is part of the family who you go to when you want humor, wisdom and acceptance.  Her blog makes me want to just curl up on her little patio and drink tea all afternoon, just to glean things from her.

Well, there are many other members of my family, but, I will close for now.  This has been the equivalent of sitting through an evening of vacation slides!

Thanks for joining me here today, I appreciate your visit, DAF



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