One Clown Short

We attend a small home church.  We meet in homes and it is a wonderful experience.  Our membership is about nine families.  We are able to share a meal together and have a time of worship and a teaching.  It is a relaxed feeling and we have become family in a great sense.  We are close to one another and the caring in being in a home situation where we can see the person and how they are feeling instead of staring at the back of their head in the pew in front of us.  You can hide many feelings when you sit in a pew.  You can put a smile on your face for however long your greeting time is and then you can disappear back into whatever may be troubling you.  Sitting beside someone on a couch you can’t hide much.

Anyhow, I digress, but I wanted to give you some background about our church so you can see what a great accomplishment came from such a small group.

This past year we started doing Backpack Buddies.  It is a program that distributes bags of food each week to needy families at a school.  We decided when we started, that we could do maybe 20 backpacks a week.  Before we started actually doing the program, the number grew to 25.  We found a charter school here in the area.  This school is a private school with all the families in need.  The principal picked 25 of the neediest and each week members of the church have delivered the bags.

Today was a graduation day for the eighth graders.  We decided to put on a picnic for the graduation and celebrate the end of the school year.  We found out that there would be roughly 200 people attending.  Miraculously, we had more than enough food.  We bought hot dogs and burgers and the fixings to go with that.  Some people made macaroni and cheese and some brought veggies to eat and some made cookies.  There was watermelon and everything imaginable for a picnic.

We got there at 9ish this morning.  The first lunch time was at 10:30, so we had to be ready to go.  I arrived with my dear hubby not really knowing what I could or would do.  Games were already planned, along with a talent show put on by the kids.  Clowns were going to be there, so I figured I would help dish out food.

We were greeted by everyone and to my surprise one of the other ladies was dressed as a clown.  I spoke with her and she said, “Do you want to be a clown?”  Our clowns could not make it.  An even bigger surprise when I heard myself say, “Sure!”.

I had such a wonderful time today!  It was hot.  Very hot.  Very humid.  Two menopausal women as clowns is funny in and of itself.  But, clowns we were.  Miss Troublemaker (her clown identity) put on my make up and dubbed me Mrs Snickerdoodle,  We each had a bag of goodies and we had fun.

The kids swarmed us.  They played and laughed and I played and laughed with them.  They had great questions.  Did I get paid to be a clown?  No.  Did you always want to be a clown?  No.  Do you have kids?  Yes, and even a grandkid…. I’m a very old clown…

Some of the younger ones were afraid.  Their friends tried desperately to get them to like me.  I just handed them candy and said it was alright.

After the lunch and before the rest of the activities we left.  Dear hubby still cannot take much excitement, heat, or activity.  I knew he would tire fast.  As my makeup was running in the humidity, I turned in my treat bag and my costume.  I went to the restroom and took off the make up.  I noticed I still had one of the medals for the games around my neck.  I returned to the hall where games were underway to give the medal to Miss Troublemaker.  I walked through the crowd of kids, unnoticed.  They didn’t know that this person was the one with the big glasses and the treat bag, the one with the silly string and the bubbles.  I was just another adult.

I am thrilled I got to be a clown today.  I got to play with the kids and act with them.  If I would have served food they would have thanked me and M’am-ed me and that would have been nice.  As a clown I got to be with them.  I got to see them and their emotions.  I got to hear their laughter and be on their level.  What a blessing it was today.  I came home a very tired, former grandma clown, but my heart was full of the laughter and the fun I hadn’t expected.

It is amazing to me that a small group of people could do something this big.  I am encouraged and glad to be part of this group.

Thanks for stopping by and may your day be brightened by a smile and laugh today.  DAF

4 thoughts on “One Clown Short

  1. I’m jealous you got to be a clown, especially a menopausal clown…lol. Sounds like a good time was had by all that’s for sure. As soon as I started reading this I thought of one of my favorite quotes by Margaret Mead. “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”

  2. I think by the end of my clown time, my make up looked more like Heath Ledger’s in Batman… I was pretty scary… it was really hot and humid too! So glad you enjoyed the post and thanks for the quote, it’s perfect!

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