The Lake

About a week ago I called a friend of mine in San Diego.  I called to give her our new address and phone number, since I hadn’t talked with her for a while.

As I was about to begin telling her about our move, she said, are you settled?  This caused me to question how she knew what was going on.  She just laughed and said, ‘your blog’.  I had totally forgotten that she knew about my blog.

She then told me that she missed reading my posts and had hoped all was going well.  I filled her in and we continued our conversation.  It was wonderful.  In the course of the conversation, she said that reading my blog was like walking around the lake with me.  Now, to most of you, this makes no sense, but, to me, it made me cry.

This friend I met years ago, before her youngest was born and he is now out of college and starting his life as an adult.  That’s how many years it has been.  We had a friendship that started slowly, and grew over the years. She ended up moving fairly close to our place in California.  About a five-minute drive from one another.

In between our houses is a lake.  Not a massive one, in fact most of the people here on the east coast would call it a pond.  But, for San Diego standards, it is a lake.  Around this lake is a walking path with the signs so common to the area, “Rattlesnakes in the area.  Caution when walking off the path”  , sort of like the signs here in Charleston by the ponds, “alligators may live here.  No swimming or pets allowed.”  Both signs cause me to say, “Well, duh!”  But, I digress.

We would meet often at the lake between our houses.  We would set a time, and meet in the parking lot.  Greeting each other with a hug and locking our cars, we would head to the path.  We would fall into step and begin talking.  We would talk about everything possible.  How our days were going, how our kids were, how her job was, how school was, how my hubby was driving me crazy.  Nothing was off-limits.  We had days where we would laugh continuously and days where the tears fell and our hearts would break for one another.

Most of the time we really didn’t notice our surroundings, that was not the point.  We connected with one another, held each other up in hard times and always prayed for each other.

There are geese at this pond.  These, she does not like, nor trust.  Squirrels aren’t high on a likeable list either, they are quick and can startle.  One season we saw a black swan at the lake.  It was beautiful.  We did stop and marvel at this.  It was unique and beautiful.  Like the times we shared together.  Unique and beautiful.

This friend of mine is incredible.  She has survived a brain tumor.  As a single mother, she put herself through college and graduated with honors.  She cares about people in a way that truly impresses me.  She works hard and never gives up.  Most of all, she loves the Lord and is one of the first to draw me away from the edge with words of encouragement and exhortation.

I know, that if she is reading this, she will laugh a little and in her mind argue points that I have said.  But, that is okay.  That’s what friends do.

After talking with her, I was determined to give her a stroll back in time, a walk once more around the lake together.  I miss those times.  They were times of refreshment for me.  I would laugh when she would move to the other side to avoid walking by a goose.  I would laugh harder when a squirrel would race down a tree and dash across the path in front of us, making her squeal in shock and almost jumping into my arms!

A couple of times a week we would walk around the lake for two or three laps.  It was our exercise time as well as our talking time.  It made us feel good to have that exercise.  We would talk about how good we felt about exercise as we would head to a local restaurant and have breakfast, or head to the local coffee shop and have tea and cookies…. you know you always need to replenish yourself after exercising….

So, today, thank you for joining me at the lake in my memory.  So glad you stopped by.  DAF


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M. Catherine Thomas is a published writer, speaker and teacher. Mother of two and grandmother..

7 thoughts on “The Lake

  1. Thank you for letting us take that walk with you. I have had a few friends like this over the years, but we have moved so often I’ve had to leave many of them behind. You’ve made me remember some of those walking/talking visits of my own.

  2. My DAF, Thank you for the touching blog, you blessed my heart and had me laughing and crying at the same time. The black swan was indeed a gift for us that day, and I haven’t seen it since. It is funny, I was just telling the youngest about it a few days ago. Thank you again for another walk and memory.

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