Up from the debris of boxes…..

Uhhh… air… not the stuffy box smell.  My head is no longer in the middle of unpacking boxes.  There are remnants of packing paper and boxes still visible but for the most part we look normal in our new house.

It was an experience to say the least.  My dear hubby and I have moved overseas, and back again.  We have moved across this great country of ours a couple of times.  We have experience in moving.  We know the motions.  We know the preparation.  We know the tired feeling.  It is in our long-term memory areas.

We have acquired a few little scratches along the way, both the furniture and ourselves.  The major damage in all those moves was a china tea saucer broken.  In half, a perfect break.  That was at least 30 years ago.  I saved the pieces so that I could glue it together.  A couple of weeks ago while packing a cupboard in our kitchen I came across the two pieces, still not glued.  Just tired enough, I looked at the pieces and pitched them into the trash.  I know I would never glue them.  So, when I am departed, whoever gets my china will just be one saucer short.  They will wonder what happened to it, and you will all know.

I share the memories with you about these earlier moves.  This move was, well, the only way to describe it is ‘the move from hell’.  It was rainy to start with.  Humidity was there, but not overwhelming.  Our poor puppy who is advanced in his little life did not tolerate the move well.  As things started to leave our home in the hands of strangers, he looked at me as if to say, ‘are you aware they are taking things out of our house?’.   By the end of the first day, he was shaking so badly, our neighbors came and took him to their home so he could relax.  He ended staying with them for the night and the next day.   It helped him and made me feel more relaxed about his well-being.

The first night ended at midnight.  Yes, you read that right.  It was midnight before things were unloaded into our storage facility.  Dear hubby and I got into our car and began driving in search of a local hotel.  We found one.  They were reluctant at first to rent us a room since we looked like we had just crawled out of the sewer.  But, when hubby produced the numbers for the honors club we are members of, they addressed us by name and produced a wonderful room and a great shower.  We enjoyed that facility for the next five hours of sleep and had a great breakfast to boot!

The next day ended at 6 p.m. with all the boxes dumped into the house, the bed was set up and made, and we were officially ‘moved’.   After dinner and retrieving our beloved puppy, we spent our first night in our new place.

We also took further notice of our belongings.  Hubby had taken pictures all through the day of scratches, gouges and rips.  Nothing was spared, except what I had packed.  I am so glad I packed the house, otherwise nothing would have survived.  For a twenty-minute drive from our last place, we have damage to everything.  Hubby’s desk was smashed into about seven pieces.  Yes, this is horrible, but I do confess, it was pretty ugly for a desk, so I am no too upset…  😉  But, the fact remains, now we are starting to deal with this all.  There are countless amounts of paperwork to fill out.  That is hubby’s job.  Mine is to make this place feel like home.

The other noticeable thing about this move is how tired we are.  My brain has hurt, it is so tired from lugging and unpacking boxes.  But, however, it is over.  We are home.

So, I will now go about getting back into a routine.  Cleaning.  Cooking. Blogging.  It will be nice to resume the regularly scheduled programming.

Thanks for stopping by.  I appreciate your visits.  DAF


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4 thoughts on “Up from the debris of boxes…..

  1. I completely understand. I’m so glad you’re settling in. As for the paperwork — I have come to realize it increases along with our age – seriously.

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