Can I hear a chorus of, “I told you so”???

A short post this evening.  We are surrounded by boxes, tape and paper for wrapping our belongings.  There are pathways throughout the house.  Our dear little puppy is beginning to think this is normal…

Yes, we have found a home.  It is a bit smaller than this one, but I am getting to know it and we are forming an affection.  There is a pond, not like the current pond in our back yard, but, it is a pond, or as my dear hubby refers to it, “a deep puddle”.

We have met some neighbors already and they are very nice. I have put some things away and I think I will have plenty of room.  I took pictures over to grace the mantle so that it will seem more like home to us, and the refrigerator is already covered in my magnet photos, so it is beginning to feel ‘normal’.

The movers will come tomorrow to help finish the packing.  When I say this, I truly mean the garage.  Most everything else is packed in the house.  It will be an early morning tomorrow and I will push through to finish up packing the inside of the house.

So, thank you all for the encouragement and support over these past six weeks.  I so appreciate your words of kindness and support.  I will post more when we are settled and the internet is up and running at the new place.  I will also take some pictures of my new digs.

Until then, sing away with the “I told you so…”  It’s a lovely melody to hear.

Thanks for stopping by, DAF


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6 thoughts on “Can I hear a chorus of, “I told you so”???

  1. thanks. up and at ’em early… well, actually, I did reset my alarm a couple times. But ready to tackle packing the last room and the odds and ends… will be glad when it is all over… thanks for stopping by!

  2. and I can get caught up on my reading of blogs! I will be glad when it is this time next week, it is 7:30 and I am ready for bed already… movers will be here in 12 more hours yay!!

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