12 years ago….

Earlier this evening I was on Facebook.  My sister posted a simple sentence that said,”How can 12 years seem like yesterday and a world ago at the same time?  A hand print on my heart…”

I read the post, looked at the date and realized why I had a phone call from her today.  I then derided myself because I had failed to remember and to ask how she was today.

12 years ago tomorrow, my dear brother-in-law, Frank passed away.  12 years ago tomorrow was Easter Sunday, tax day was delayed for 24 hours since it was a major holiday.

I received the phone call from my sister at around 9:30 ~10:30 p.m. pacific time.  The call was short, and the words were hard to hear.  My sister told me that her Frank had a very happy Easter and died peacefully in his favorite chair at 11:30 p.m., eastern time.  I looked at the clock and thought, it’s not even 11 p.m. yet and the difference in time zones hit me in a way I will never forget.

Tonight, my thoughts went back in time.  Not only for 12 years, but for almost 42 years when I first noticed the good-looking sophomore.  He had a great smile and a quick wit.  He was the young man in high school that all the girls noticed.  You could see heads turning each time he walked down the hallways.

His good looks weren’t his only quality, he was intelligent and accomplished much in his short years here on this earth.  He worked in areas that changed the way we see things in our world.  I was proud to call him brother and a dear friend of my dear hubby.

He fought a brave battle with ALS (Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis), also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease.  I knew little of this disease, and now that I do, it pains me to know of the battle being waged by so many in this world.

My heart aches for my sister.  She has seen much and cared for her family in the midst of great illnesses.  She has shown me what love and care are.  She has also shown me strength.  Tonight, reading her post, I realized she has also shown me the joy of the other side of trials.

I texted her after reading her post on Facebook.  I apologized for not remembering.  I told her that we thought of Frank often and that we missed him.  The text I received back was typical of my sister.  She said, “I am blessed.  I have a very good life and I am happy.”

I know Frank would love that.  I know I am happy for her.  12 years ago tomorrow the world lost someone special.   In honor of Frank, I post this link where you can view some images that Frank helped to make possible.  hubblesite.org/gallery/

Thanks for stopping by this evening.  I appreciate your visit.   DAF

P.S.  on a totally different note, we may have found our new place… will keep you posted.


5 thoughts on “12 years ago….

  1. How much has changed for all of us in that one year since you posted this originally. It makes me sad that he has missed 13 years of changes..

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