Just a thought….

After a day of packing my dining room, I am sitting here relaxing with a heating pad on my back.  (It used to be so much easier to bend over and pack even four years ago…  age, it’s the pits)

Anyhow, I digress.  Relaxing on the computer and decide to check my blog.  This thought just occurred to me.  You know that little counter that tells you the average number of visits to your blog?  The one that is like a miniature graph?  After looking at mine, I realized that it is a good thing mine is not hooked up to my heart.  From the looks of it, I would be dead.  It has a small line, space, taller line, space, two equal lines, space, tall line, gap, longer gap, and a small line.    I think I would be in serious trouble if this was monitoring my heart.

Of course, the gauge of my creativity is also hurting, I think….

Thanks for stopping by my little thought today.  I do appreciate it!  DAF


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7 thoughts on “Just a thought….

  1. Actually, the packing is going pretty well. I am surprised, really. We have to vacate this house by May 5th, and so I am packing up to avoid having to rush into it at the last minute. I have two full rooms packed and the guest bath and powder room packed so far. My back is feeling it, but I am just old… I should be in shape for summer though! Thanks for stopping by and asking. Hope all is well with you and that you are enjoying the waning days of summer.

  2. Oh my, I completely disagree! I think there has been a depth to your posts these past months that have caused us to pause and reflect on own lives and relationships. You’ve given a very real look into your life to others and that my friend is not easy to do. Keep that pad on your back, lift with your legs and take a nice long soak in the tub *smiling*. Love you.

    P.s. I never look at my graph *laughing*

  3. thank YOU for the encouragement!! Looking at the graph tonight and being just enough ‘punchy’ made me think of a heart monitor. You know how I can get when I get ‘punchy’ 😉 ! Love you my dear friend… cannot wait to see you this coming week.

  4. Too bad there isn’t a chart to rate your packing skills….you’re like a machine! Last week we were packing boxes at work and my body was certainly feeling it…I was somewhat shocked…lol.
    Glad you’re making such good progress!

  5. Thanks for stopping by… hoping to get a bit more done today. Going up to see the grandbaby this week and I need a head start so I can relax while there and not think of what has to be done here. I don’t want to think of anything else but kissing on that baby! Hope you have an easier week this week.

  6. Praying for you DAF as you pack and seek the perfect new home which HE has for you. I hope for God’s richest blessings and strength to pour out on you in this seasons. And I love your chosen verse. Can’t read it or hear it enough.

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