The Journey

What a difference a week makes.  This time last week, I was reeling.  Going from shock and awe to the deep pits of panic and despair.

This week, is not any different, really.  Nothing has changed, except, my attitude.  Deep breaths have happened.  Prayer has happened.  Talking with my dear hubby has happened.  But, we are still in flux.  We are still moving.

Moving is what caused such a shock to my system.  Being a Navy wife, it should not have caused such an uproar in me.  It did, though.  I have spent the week curious about why this news shook me so.  I have come to some conclusions.  Which is always a good thing.

First, after living in Southern California for over 27 years and never feeling  at “home” there, it was a comfort to me when, after only a couple of weeks here in the low country, I felt totally at home.  Home.  That place where you know you can relax.  Home.  That place where family is and where they visit.  Home.  That place where your neighbors are not just people who live beside you, they are an extended family.  Home.  It has been where we have lived the past few years.

I realized that, although we are renters, in my mind I have accepted this place as my home.  When the owners have wanted to come to their home, it was like I was being evicted.  My emotions rebelled at this.

A week later, I am a bit more understanding.  I am starting to see this as a journey.  An adventure.  I am thinking of singing that song, 99 Bottles of Beer on the wall, only with my version of lyrics.  I think they will go like this, “99 million boxes on the floor to pack, 99 million boxes.  Pick one up, tape and pack, 99 million boxes to go.”  Yes, I realize that I didn’t take one away because, after starting to pack our guest room, I have a feeling this is going to be a never-ending song!

So, now, I have gone through one roll of packing tape, almost a dozen boxes and I am not even close to being done in one room.  But, I will persevere!!!  I will conquer this.   Philippians 4:13 says, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”  That is going to be my motto and life verse, I think.

We are looking for places to live.  We have driven through some neighborhoods and liked some of them.  We really liked the house we sat in front of today waiting for the realtor to arrive.  Unfortunately, we did not get his email that said the house was no longer available.  Rats!  But, then again, the yard did look like it needed some care.

We know there is a place for us.  We know that seven weeks from now most of the boxes will be unpacked.  We will be discovering our new neighborhood.  We will be meeting people who may become part of our extended family.

Yes, my attitude has improved.  I am thankful for the encouragement I have received from those who are reading my blog.  Your comments are so uplifting for me.  You give me energy to pack the boxes.

So, thanks for stopping by and for going on this journey with me.   I must go now… 99 million boxes to pack, 99 million boxes….    DAF


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