Pillows 101

A couple of years before we moved from San Diego, my dear hubby and I bought a new bed.  We were in desperate need of a new bed at the time.  Since we had a new mattress, we needed new everything else for the new bed.  Fun, right?  Yes, it was.

We went to the local linen store and had a wonderful visit.  We left a few minutes later with arms full of sheets, comforters, shams, skirts, blankets and of course pillows.

Dear hubby picked out the pillows.  Large, fluffy, down/feather mix.  They were wonderful.  We enjoyed them for a while.  After moving here, for some reason my pillow went on strike.  I could fluff it up the same as I did hubby’s.  I could mold it and shape it.  Hold on to it, squeeze it.  Nothing worked.  It was flat.  It hurt my neck.  It gave me headaches.  I started to form a strong dislike of my pillow.  I started complaining.  Loudly!

About a year ago, my hubby had enough of my complaints.  I ordered fresh pillows and bedspreads.  They arrived and within a few months, these pillows also failed.

This time it was hubby complaining.  Loudly!

We went to a local department store to look at pillows.  He attacked,  I mean touched and fluffed pillows.  He squeezed them and came to one conclusion ~ none of them would work.  He turned to me and told me I was in charge of finding new pillows.

Now, I should back track a bit and explain the sudden furor over pillows.  This past Christmas we stayed with our dear daughter and son-in-law’s.  We slept in their guest bed.  This bed is like laying down on clouds in Heaven.  It comforts you.  Lulls you to sleep with angels dancing around your head.  It is that comfortable.  The pillows on the bed are the same.  You lay your head on their pillows and you know you have arrived at the corner of sleep and sweet dreams.   After our visit there, our bed has paled in comparison.

So, while up visiting my bed, I mean my grandson a couple of weeks ago, I tore the pillow case off the pillow.  I removed the pillow case cover off the pillow.  I looked at it.  I studied the composition of the pillow.  I went online to find similar pillows.  I found similar ones, as the ones the kids have are no longer made (of course).  I ordered the pillows.  Task accomplished!

I came home to the new pillows already on our bed.  I like our new pillows.   Emphasis on ‘I’.  My dear hubby tolerated the pillows for two nights.  The third night I was up and transferring the new pillow with the original pillow (the down and feather one) into the pillow case.

We have now become a house divided.  For the first time in our marriage, our pillows do not match.  I am sleeping well with my new pillow.  Poor dear hubby is wrestling with his old pillow, it’s not cooperating.  Maybe, just maybe, I put my old pillow in his pillow case and I think it may still be on strike!

Thanks for stopping by.  I love having you here!  DAF


One thought on “Pillows 101

  1. We just went through this as well. My husband sounds like your in the store…I think he crossed the line with a few of those pillows. We are also divided, but in the opposite direction. He is in love with his selection…I am not. Perhaps your hubby and I could start a support group….

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