My younger sister

I am a middle child.  I love that fact.  Middle children are the most quirky of kids, in my humble opinion.  We have been known as the peace makers, we try to please everyone.  We don’t have the responsiblity that falls to the oldest and yet we are never in possession of the ‘cuteness’ factor that most of the youngest children have.  We are in the middle.

I have great sisters.  My older sister had the grim duty to assume motherly duties when my mother passed away.  This was hard on her and she still teeters on that fine balance of being a sister and a mother.  I never know when I talk with her if she is in sister mode or mother mode.  I prefer sister mode, as this is a better fit for her.  Sisters were not created to be mothers to their siblings.

My younger sister is so dear to me.  She is as close to a living saint as I have ever met.  She inspires me and encourages me.  I love her dearly.  She has four children.  Two are married to beautiful women, her youngest son is discovering who he is and doing a great job at that.  I love my nephews.  They bring me joy in just thinking of them.  They are all talented and very good-looking.  They have personalities that don’t stop and they love me as a goofy aunt.  My sister’s fourth child is my niece.  She is incredible.  She is my energizer bunny on steroids.  She does not stop.  She does not quit.  She is a childhood brain cancer survivor.  That in itself is an accomplishment, but she was also the victim of radiation poisoning as a child.  She was not expected to survive past 5, then 10.  After that she wasn’t expected to do much with her life.  She was prom queen, she was Miss Handicapped Maryland, she is an author, speaker, and a senior in college.  She is incredible.

She is also just a part of why I think my sister is inspiring.  She took care of her daughter with such care and love.  She encouraged her to live.  She did this while also caring for my brother-in-law who was dying of ALS (Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis), also known as Lou Gehrig’s.   He survived with this horrendous disease for eight years.  She nursed him, raised wonderful sons, cared for her daughter with brain cancer and taught second grade.  She did this all with grace and humor and determination.

When things get difficult in my life, I look at a few pictures in my home.  One of my sister and I at my daughter’s wedding, another of both of my sisters and I at my nephew’s wedding, and finally I look at my niece’s high school graduation photo which is sitting by her book.  They remind me that nothing is too difficult.

My niece will be the first to give God glory in her survival.  My sister, also.  But, ever the practical Irish woman she is, she ends any conversation where frustrations and feelings of being frazzled have been spoken, with this little gem of wisdom, “Six weeks from now, we will be fretting over something different, and this will be far from our concerns.”

Oh! How I love my sister for this.  This morning while walking with my dear hubby and our dear puppy, I grumbled and complained.  This is a shame since it is a perfectly lovely day out.  I couldn’t see the beauty though, for my grumpiness.  As the morning progressed though, I looked at the photos and could hear my sister lovingly screaming in my ear (as only sisters can do), Six weeks from now, you will be fretting over something different and this will be far from your mind.   Thanks for the kick little sister, you have a great aim and a long-range kick in you, and for that, I am glad.

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8 thoughts on “My younger sister

  1. She is closer to you in distance than me, since she is about a half hour from Gettysburg. She might have been standing towards you yelling at me and the wind carried her voice in your direction! Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Wonderful post!! Rich with memories, wisdom, and humor. Peaks, valleys, and plateau’s are part of our life, words of encouragement (and even a little kick now and then) are helpful. Salting our words with encouraging humor and love is a gift. A life of challenges (we all them) gives us plenty of opportunity to practice. Love you my dear friend.

  3. Yes, we have! (smiling) And we have persevered by God’s grace and mercy. He just keeps on loving us – why am I always so amazed? Have a wonderful weekend.

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