Mish mash… and all that other stuff

I had started this year with the goal of posting at least every other day… that lasted until, well, let’s say it was a nice idea.

I have several thoughts bouncing around my head and since I have no clear thought about what I am going to write, I decided to just write, please bear with me.

Late last week, I was on Facebook.  I saw a that a friend had commented on a post.  The ‘friend’ was actually my daughter’s third grade teacher that I friended but hardly ever comment to.  But, she had commented on a post of a newscaster from the San Diego area.  Since I recognized the name of this newscaster, I hit the notice and realized that this person had a blog on WordPress.

There was a time in San Diego when my girls were at home and we enjoyed watching the news together.  That does sound strange, but this station had a dream group of reporters.  It was nice to have them in our living room daily.  They may not have brought pleasant news into our home, but they delivered it with an ease that comforted you.

The station eventually broke up this team, replaced them and the news was never as pleasant again.  That formula of the right team at the right time never happened again.

I have thought of those days of watching news with my girls.  It was a habit and it worked.  I have had this pop into my mind often since seeing that acquaintance mentioning the blog.

The blog is http://wordpress.com/#!/read/blog/id/45325470/  the name of the reporter is Loren Nancarrow.  This reporter is waging a battle with cancer, and he is blogging about it now.  His blog also has other interesting subjects, things that I have since read and remembered why it was so pleasant to watch the news.

Today, I spent close to three and half hours outside working in the yard.  I raked and pulled out dead leaves from around our hedges.  I deadheaded my roses, I clipped my hydrangea.  I drug limbs to the curb after my dear hubby cut back some trees.  It was fun.  I am exhausted.  I feel like I accomplished something though.  The day was pleasant, did not see any snakes and the alligators were lying low, since it was too cool for them to come up out of the pond.

Through all the time outside today, I thought of a couple of things.  I thought of this reporter, who, would have segments of working in the yard, giving hints and suggestions for lawn care.  I remembered how many of his tips I have used or at least thought of using them.  I also thought of another dear friend from Maine.  She is in her mid to late 70’s.  She runs a daycare for several children in her home.  Each day she posts on Facebook how wonderful her day is.  She lists what she is doing and what she has accomplished that day.  She wears me out with her descriptions.  She ends almost every post with, I am glad to be on my feet.

As I was putting pine straw around my plants today these two people occupied my thoughts.  They will never know each other.  The reporter will never know me (except for comments I left on his posts).  Yet, these two people have affected my life with a bit of this and a bit of that.  They have touched my heart, and my mind with a mish mash of ideas.

Sometimes, it takes getting on your hands and knees, spreading ground cover, getting dirty and sweaty to think of blessings you have.  Today I talked with the Lord.  Sometimes it was just a groan from having to bend one more time, sometimes it was because something fell just out of eyesight and I thought it was a large bug or snake (yes, I hate snakes, could you tell?)  Most of the time, though, I was talking to the Lord and asking him to heal this man, who, although he has no idea who I am, has touched my life.  I also asked the Lord to make me as appreciative as my friend in Maine.  She is an example to me, and although she knows I love her, she has no idea how much she encourages me.

I wanted to write and let you know, that I have even thought of those brave bloggers who follow me and my posts.  Each of you are a blessing to me.  You encourage me with your presence and in reading your posts, the mish mash of your thoughts make my life so much better.

Thanks for stopping by, DAF


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