Stepping Out…

Several of the blogs I have read in the past few days have all dealt with a word we hesitate to say.  Even more, we hesitate to follow through on.  The word?  Change.

Each of the creative writers I follow (and there are many creative and talented writers) have talked about change in situation, in thinking, in children and in directions or paths chosen.

A few posts ago, I mentioned that it looked like I would have to return to the work force.  It scared me to mention it in writing because it made it seem a reality.  But, in mentioning it, I was able to talk to friends about it and to family.  I have since been able to write a resume and start to get a plan together.  I have a direction that I am going to go.  Along those lines there is a scripture that keeps coming to mind.  Proverbs 16:9, “We can make our plans,  but the Lord determines our steps.”   (New Living Translation)

I have felt more confident the past week or so about going back to work.  I still haven’t a clue about what I am going to end up doing, but I have a peace about it.  Is it something I cannot wait to have happen?  No.  I enjoy my status as being semi-retired.  But, change in this life in inevitable.  Change happens whether we want it or not.

I have a painting hanging over our fireplace.  It is not one that I purchased and it isn’t worth much.  The title of the painting is ‘Birth of new direction’.  At least, I think that is what I called it.  I wrote it on the back.  I also wrote a scripture on the back of it.  Isaiah 26:7 which talks about God doing what is right and smoothing out the path for us. (at least that is how I read it).

I look to the painting and have a remembrance that when I painted it several years ago, it was different from any other painting I had done.  I love landscapes, this was more abstract.  I had never named a painting and yet, this one had a clear name to it.  A new direction.  About a year after I painted it for our livingroom in San Diego, we moved.  A new direction, a new path.  Now, I look at it and am reminded that I am still on a new path.

Change happens.  Life happens.  It can take us by surprise.  It can take our breath away (literally).  But, we cannot avoid it.  It is part of our life here on earth.  So, I think this is a year that I will be stepping out on that new path.  I will continue to write and keep you involved in this new direction, I am certain it will lead to ideas for posts.

The panic has subsided.  A calm fear has replaced the panic.  But, there is a part of me waiting hesitantly to see what will happen next.  I know I will leave my tennis shoes and put on my dress shoes as I go stepping out.

Thanks for stopping by.  It means so much to me.  DAF



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