R.I.P. Me…

Daily Prompt:Write your own eulogy.

( Disclaimer: I have thought of doing a daily prompt for the past several weeks, this is my first attempt at it)


A virtual unknown, literally…  never disclosing who she was.  Tight lipped about personal things, but allowing herself to talk about things she passionately (well, felt like) writing about.

Attempted to be humorous and often failing, but was followed by a few (well, maybe twenty).  Poor DAF, as she was affectionately known to those who followed her.  She was unknown and inconsistent in writing, but loved to comment on posts she read.

Outside the virtual world she was known as the ‘Crazy Aunt’.  That person who hugged a lot, kissed your cheek and pinched your backside.  She would stand up to anyone who would say anything against her family.  She loved to encourage her nieces and nephews.  She was their cheerleader.

She loved life, family and most of all she loved God.  Her faith was steady and she would pray for a person at the drop of a pin.  Coming into her home she would greet you with a hug and a laugh and begin to offer you food or drink even if you were not hungry or thirsty.  She loved to listen to people, hoping that in listening they could hear themselves and know that things were okay.

She leaves her family with memories, lots of memories.  Times of laughter and tears.  She was easy-going for the most part, although it is said that when Mom got quiet it was time to tread softly even if you knew you weren’t to blame. (author’s note: sometimes Mom’s just need quiet, so it is best to develop a look that will cause children to head to their rooms on their own)  Even as adults, these children would know if they had crossed that invisible line of “I can’t believe you just did that” (c’mon, we all know that look!)

Her dear hubby is said to have done a happy dance on learning of her demise, he knew that he could once more eat peanut butter toast three times a day without being corrected and given veggies instead.  He did lose his enthusiasm when he discovered she had cleaned out the fridge before passing on.  She didn’t want him to have anything that had already expired. (No, that is not yogurt, it was milk in its former life)

He also misses her sarcasm.  Her wit, when it comes to serious matters.  He will miss not having his coffee made each morning and has been heard to quote the movie Pleasantville:  http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0120789/quotes?qt=qt0274526  “Where’s my dinner?”

Her final request for her memorial service was to bring lots of balloons and stories about her that made you laugh.  She wants people to remember her with laughter and joy.

Laughing was her favorite thing to do.  Even in difficult times she was heard to laugh, but of course, sometimes there is nothing better to do than laugh.  Crying makes your face all red and puffy.

May you think fondly on those who have preceded us and remember with graciousness the times they made you smile.

Thanks for stopping by, DAF


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M. Catherine Thomas is a published writer, speaker and teacher. Mother of two and grandmother..

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