Shugo, meet Stanley… a lesson in the unexpected


waiting on the steps for a walk
waiting on the steps for a walk

For those of you who follow my blog, you know I have my dear puppy.  His name is Shugo.  He is a Shiba Inu.  A Japanese breed that at most weighs 25 pounds.  They were bred to hunt wild boar on the hillsides of Japan.  They are excellent hunters, can run at the speed of light, and are just incredible dogs.  Shugo belongs in our family, not because we have had him since he was 7 weeks old, but because he is stubborn and likes things done his way.  Fits right in.  Shugo also believes he is the largest dog in the universe and all other dogs bow to him.

Now that we have a bit of a background about what my dog is like I will continue.

Last night, just at dusk, I took my dear puppy for his evening walk.  We walk from our house to the park in the development here and then we head home another way, to make a large circle and a good time of exercise for me.

We were a couple of minutes from our house when we passed the home of a family who moved into the area this past spring.  They have two dogs.  A very large one, that I think is a Portuguese Water Dog, and a small white bit of fluff.  Both of these dogs make noise when any other dog passes by.

We passed the house without too much noise and we stopped at a mailbox so dear Shugo could sniff and relieve himself.  That is when I heard the delayed noise, followed by a loud thump.  I thought to myself,  ‘this cannot be good’.

I turned to look at the noise.  Running down the street at full gallop was this large dog.  Barking, gnashing his teeth and running at full speed.  My first reaction was ‘HELP!’   I then gained control of my thoughts, put my hand out and commanded this horse to stop.  To my surprise he did stop!  I then told him he wasn’t supposed to be in the street and to go home.  He turned around and trotted off.  Since I didn’t want him to change his mind and continue to follow me I walked behind him to his house.  I knew no one knew he had escaped. The two dogs were growling at each other trying to decide who was the bigger and stronger of the two.  I rang the doorbell while trying to keep two males apart from one another.  I rang the doorbell again.  I finally just started knocking impatiently at the door.  A woman answered the door, she looked at me and then looked down.  Her face went from questioning who was this crazy person knocking on her door to, frustration.

“STANLEY!  get in this house!”   Obviously, Stanley has done this before.  The woman apologized and asked if our dog was okay. If he was scared.  I answered and told her that Shugo thinks he is bigger than Stanley.  We exchanged good byes and I headed down the road.

Shugo was excited about his recent encounter.  He strutted down the rest of the way to the park.  He marked every mail box he could stop at.

We were almost home when my heart finally went back to my chest area instead of my throat.

This morning, as I was again walking Shugo, (and we did not run into Stanley), I began to think of what it is like when we have unexpected events happen in our lives.  Sometimes things come at us full force, galloping toward our lives making noise and gnashing teeth.  Do we freeze, or do we march those events back to where they belong?  Do we stand our ground like the 25 pound puppy against the 125 pound puppy?  Or do we run off with our proverbial tails between our legs?  Don’t really have an answer, but I thought it was good food for thought this day.

May all your “Stanley’s” be behind fences today behaving themselves.  Thanks for stopping by, DAF


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7 thoughts on “Shugo, meet Stanley… a lesson in the unexpected

  1. yeh, I think now that Stanley knows how to jump the fence, it’s going to become a habit… I should probably introduce myself to his owner…. I think Shugo is a handsome boy, this isn’t even the best picture of him, he is a beautiful dog, he comes from pretty impressive lines and he still loves slumming it with us! Thanks for stopping by!

  2. They are a beautiful breed. Indeed, food for thought today. Thank you! I can think of many Stanley’s in my path, and they do occasionally jump their fences and chase me around a bit!

  3. I’ve never heard of that breed, DAF, but Shugo is I deed a handsome lad. As for your turn-around lesson at the end, it was wonderful and thought-provoking. I don’t think I would have had the presence of mind to command that dog to stop and go home. I certainly wouldn’t have had the courage to follow him back home. Does make me think of how I would act in a crisis. I will remember this, I hope, if and when one comes up, even a minor one.

  4. I really didn’t have the presence of mind at first, but my hubby will do this when we are all walking together and it works, so fortunately I gathered the courage and tried it out. It was pretty scary when the dogs wanted to see who was dominant, but I didn’t want Stanley following us for the rest of the walk, that was even more frightening! Glad you liked the post. this is our second shiba inu. we brought one back from Japan when we lived there. Great breed, they are the most cat like breed in the dog world. Thanks again for stopping by! DAF

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