Sweet Memories

Still awake at almost 1 a.m., I turned the television onto the on demand channel. Under free movies, there was a Disney free movie section, which I scrolled down and decided on something to watch.

The movie chosen this late night/early morning is “The Sword In the Stone”. The animated story of King Arthur pulling the sword from the stone. I love Arthurian tales. They have always fascinated me.

This movie awakens dormant memories of my heart. One Christmas many, many, many (yes, that many) years ago, my sisters and I received a nice hard bound book of the same title. Sword in the Stone. It had the characters from the movie on the cover and it basically was the written story of the movie.

My Dad had a wonderful reading voice. He loved reading to my sisters and I. He would read poetry and books to us. I remember sitting down in warm flannel jammies while he read us this book. The movie had not come to our town yet, so it was wonderful to see the pictures and hear the story.

Later, we did get to see the movie, as a family, I believe. I don’t  remember seeing the movie at the theater, but I do remember the book and my Dad’s voice as he read it. This movie, like Merlin’s character, conjures up sweet and lovely memories that are dormant most of the time except when I stumble on a find like this free movie.

I hope today you have a sweet gift of a long forgotten time that makes your heart smile and gives you a reason to smile. Thanks for stopping by. DAF


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M. Catherine Thomas is a published writer, speaker and teacher. Mother of two and grandmother..

2 thoughts on “Sweet Memories

  1. Old photographs of young mothers sitting on a porch waiting for the school bus to arrive. Each one waiting for orders that would lead them away from their safe harbor. Each one speaking forth words that would frame their ideal home; a sidewalk in front of their house, a real neighborhood without the military playground being in “their” backyard, a place of their own. Now, years later, photographs of new homes, new babies, new places – ties that still bind. Truly the sweet gift of memories gone by. Thank you for your post today.

  2. your comment brings such warm memories of our times gone by. times we thought were just those, never realizing that we were ordained to be family in the greatest sense of the word. Love you my dear friend.. DAF

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