Almost Jumping In

Today is the third day of this new year.  It is damp and a bit dreary here in the low country.  The rain has come several times today and it is a mixture of wanting to crawl into bed and stay there or just get busy.

I have accomplished some things today.  I have my dining room returned to normal.  Not a hint of last weeks decorations in sight.  It is refreshing to see it back to its plain normal setting.  My mantle in the living room is boasting a different set of accessories, and I am not certain it is going to stay that way.

I want a change.  Nothing major, just rearranging some things.  I think this is what is happening in my life now.  I have spent the past couple days trying to get excited about this new year.  It is like I am on the edge of wonderful pool.  It looks inviting and fun, but for some reason, I am running up to the edge about to jump and then I stop.

I know change is coming this year.  I knew it was coming at the end of last year.  I was thinking of it and preparing, and holding off to the new year.  So, now it is here.  I guess it came sooner than I wanted.  But, here it is and I am staring into the next few weeks and getting myself pumped up for the next season of our lives.

In another month I will reread this post and smile.  I will reconsider what this time was like and laugh at my hesitancy.  Change is always like this.  You see it coming and you balk.  But, on I go.  I will once more back up, look ahead and start to run.  Maybe soon I won’t stop at the edge but go for a big cannonball jump into the pool of the unknown.

Thanks for stopping by.  DAF


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3 thoughts on “Almost Jumping In

  1. You’ll be splashing around in the pool in no time, I bet! I understand the hesitancy of facing change, though. Bless you, as you “get wet”!

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