It’s Blank

Do you have a favorite holiday?  A least favorite?  New Year’s, for me, falls into the least favorite for me.  It’s a day of mixed emotions, always.

New Year’s Eve going into 1967 is the year that changed it all for me and each year I wrestle with the memory of that evening.  Vividly, I recall standing on our front porch, my sisters and I.  Wrapping strong arms around the three of us was my father.  We stood in the cold watching fireworks in the distance and all of us were crying.  This was an end of a season of our life.  1967 would be the first year that we would not have Mom.

Each new year’s eve that memory floods in.  It doesn’t hinder me enjoying the celebration, it is just a reminder.

Years vary.  Some are great.  Some aren’t.  It’s the nature of life.  This time last year I was overjoyed at the thought of becoming a grandmother.  I still smile and revel in the joy and happiness that we started 2012.  It was if spring dawned and never really ended.  Everything was sweeter, brighter.  It was a wonderful year.  A great vintage that I will always remember.  It will juxtapose the memory of 1967.

So, now, it is early 2013.  So far, it is a blank year.  Nothing anticipated on the horizon.  So far, the only major accomplishment of this year is the buttermilk cinnamon banana pancakes that turned out well.  That is the total of this new year.  Not an auspicious start, really.  But, for all purposes, it is a start.

I don’t know how I feel about this year.  I know there will be changes.  But, for now, there are no huge headlines, no drama, nothing.  It’s blank.

How does your new year look?  Are you looking forward to it? I know 2013 and I will become friends.  It will be a comfort to me.  I will relax and enjoy being in its presence.  But, for now, we are strangers.  I am a bit leery of its determination to stick around for the next twelve months.  I know it has an agenda, it will have its joy, it’s tears, its sorrows.  For now I will approach it with caution, wondering what it will have in store for me.

So, to all of you.  Happy 2013!  May each day hold the very best our Lord gives you.  May you find peace and joy and security in this new season of time.  Thanks for stopping by, DAF


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M. Catherine Thomas is a published writer, speaker and teacher. Mother of two and grandmother..

4 thoughts on “It’s Blank

  1. With every blank slate come possibilities. 2012 saw hope and prayers answered. 2013 challenges me to believe that all things are possible no matter what it looks like outside. Hope, the expectation of or belief in fulfillment.

    So, here I sit, watching the Rose Parade in my pj’s with a sore throat, a cup of coffee in hand, and no wonderful pancakes to eat – with the hope this cold ends soon – blah! Happy New Year DAF. I’m looking forward to 2013 and all the possibilities.

  2. Happy New Year DAF! Well, I know one thing you better start doing in 2013…..running. That little grand prince will be walking soon and you will be running. As my co-worker recently said “I forgot how fast babies can be. I’m exhausted.”

  3. He is strong and ready to go! Saw him pass his 5 month mark and he is ready to start crawling, he looks like he has places to go and things to get in to!! Happy New Year Life, hope you have a wonderful new year. DAF

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