Christmas in the ‘hood….

We live in a wonderful neighborhood.  It was a change for us in moving from San Diego.  There we lived on a private drive consisting of three homes.  At Christmas none of the homes really decorated, although we each had something different on the outside of our homes to represent the season of celebration.

When we moved here a few years ago we were amazed at the decorations in the neighborhood.  Most of the homes have the very stately white lights, candles in the windows and lighted garland draping the porches, the doors and windows.

A few of the homes have colored lights gracing their doorways and roof lines.  There are inflatable figures of snowmen, reindeer, Santa and nativity scenes.  We have palmetto trees with lights wrapped around them.  Spotlights on wreaths elegantly decorated  hanging on the front doors.

All around this neighborhood are reminders of this season.  The season where we celebrate our Lord’s birthday.  The season of giving.  We give gifts, baked goods, help.  We spend this time aware of doing things for others.  I think we do this because we know we got the very best gift when the God of our universe came to earth in the form of a baby.  That was the greatest gift we have ever received.

The decorations in the neighborhood also give me joy.  I smile when it is dusk and the lights begin to flicker.  Each neighborhood has one house, though.  It is this house that makes our charming neighborhood become a ‘hood.  My hubby and I refer to this house as the house that Christmas threw up on.  It is with affection that we refer to this home this way.  The decorations surround the home, the front, side and back yards are all decorated.  The doors, the windows, the roof is all decorated.  There is every imaginable symbol of the Christmas season.  There is a nativity scene below a tree with huge candy canes hanging from each branch (yes the candy canes are lit).  There is Snoopy on his doghouse.  There is a teeter-totter with Santa on one end and all the reindeer on the other.  This year I actually saw an inflatable pig with a Santa hat on.  Yes, it is all this and more.  Many of our neighbors are not fond of this display.  They make comments about it.  I have to disagree though, for when I pass this house I laugh.  I smile, and I laugh and know that this family, with all of their enthusiasm have given me a true gift each time I pass this house.  They give me the gift of laughter.

So, in this season of elegance and whimsy, I pray that you will also have a time and gift of laughter given to you.  Laughter is something we don’t do enough, especially when we are buried deep in our lists of what needs to be done, what needs to be decorated, what needs to be bought and wrapped.  We have lists of what we need to do for others.  We stress that we may not get enough baked to share with others.  We lose sight of the fact that this truly is a season to rejoice,  to love, to share and most of all laugh.  May you have a season of mirth, whimsy and blessing this year.

Thanks for stopping by, it means so much to me.   DAF


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4 thoughts on “Christmas in the ‘hood….

  1. Hahahahaha! Christmas threw up on my street as well. Once your eyes adjust to all the glitz, you must just laugh or scream “pick a theme!” I’m very happy to know I’m not alone….lol.

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