No, I did not fall off the face of the earth…

Somehow, the past couple weeks, I have not accomplished much.  At least in the blogging world.  I opened my emails and saw how the bloggers I follow had posted new posts.  I skipped past the notices with a promise to read in a while.  That while became a week, then two.  Tonight, I got caught up.

I had a wonderful time sitting here at my kitchen table.  My dear hubby is watching a movie and is working on his laptop in the living room.  I retreated to my kitchen table and dove into my long list of reading.

I laughed, I cried a bit, I sighed in empathy and I realized I missed my friends.  These people whom I wouldn’t know if I passed them on the street.  But, their words, their stories, the way they post their hearts, these writers are my friends.  They touch my life, my heart, my spirit.  They encourage me, they give me hope, they inspire me.

In the past two weeks I have gotten back into the schedule of being home again.  I have missed my little precious grandson.  I have missed my daughter and her hubby.  I have again gone to doctor appointments with my hubby.  I have sat close to him on the couch, watching movies and watching the fire in the fireplace.

I have decorated the house for Christmas and have started driving my hubby crazy with listening to holiday music.  There has been a lot accomplished, and for that I am glad. But, I have missed my friend here and I have missed writing.  So, now that I have caught you all up, and you know how much I have missed you, maybe now I can get back into writing more consistently.

For now, I will close and  continue writing Christmas cards to those friends I have had for years.  My only wish is that the glue on the envelopes tasted a bit better.

Thanks for stopping by, as always, DAF

8 thoughts on “No, I did not fall off the face of the earth…

  1. Aarrgghhh! You just reminded me I need to do Christmas cards. Guess I know what I’ll be doing the rest of the week. I listen to my Christmas music on Pandora most of the day.

  2. It sounds like you have been very busy, but have gotten a lot done. Nothing like feeling accomplished…whew. This blogging world is filled with such good people who have truly changed my life. I love that we are all connected through our honest thoughts without expectations.

  3. Isn’t it wonderful to meet so many pen pals through the blogging community? You have endeared yourself to them and vice versa — as Martha Stewart would say; it’s a good thing. Glad to see you back. Your words are important and we all look forward to hearing from you.

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