Grasping at Goals

I have watched my dear little grandson grow before my eyes.  I am such a spoiled Grammy.  I have had the privilege of being with my daughter and son-in-law for the past three weeks and still have two weeks left on this visit.  It has been a joy to watch our little guy while my daughter works each morning.

When I first arrived, he would lay on his little play mat and look around, not really focusing on anything in particular.  A few days after my arrival he started to reach to the hanging toys on his play mat.  This was a reason for great celebration!  A new milestone in his young little life.  It was fascinating to see him swipe at the air and actually connect with an object.

Today, as I was sitting watching him play on his mat, I noticed that his movements were becoming more concentrated. He focused on what he wanted to touch and then he would reach out and grasp it.  He saw his toys and reached for them.  Occasionally he would let out a squeal of delight in having captured that which he was looking at.

This got me to thinking about grasping at goals in my life.  Here I am marvelling at this young little person reaching for things for the first time.  Each grasp of a goal is a celebration.  It is an accomplishment.  It is met with squeals of delight not only from this baby, but a squeal of delight from his Momma, Poppa and his Grammy.

There will come a time when he will reach for something and it will be common place.  Of course, he can grasp the silverware.  Of course he can grasp that ball.  He won’t think twice about it and neither will I.

I think this is true when we reach for those non tangible goals also.  We see them.  We grasp at them and at times we actually hold on to them.  How often do we celebrate them?

Lately I am considering how our lives should be a celebration.  Not celebrating as in a party mode all the time, but a celebration of the fact that we are here.  On this earth.  In our homes.  With our friends.  With our family.   I need to remember that all the above phrases are reasons to celebrate.  To squeal with delight in my heart the joy in being able to be present in the moment.

That is now the goal I am trying to grasp.  Thanks for stopping by.  As always, DAF


10 thoughts on “Grasping at Goals

  1. This is perfect timing DAF. Over the past few days Ive been surrounded by stories devastation from Sandy. People wanting things done yesterday, frustrations and tempers flaring. Honestly, for most the loss wasn’t a main residence….celebrate.
    Glad to hear you’re having so much fun watching those daily miracles. My co-worker has been watching her 1 year old grandson who is very curious and mobile…rest up DAF is all I can say, next year will be very different.

  2. My daughter, her husband and I were talking about that just last night, Life. He is growing so quickly and is getting so strong already. This is quite the adventure so far and I am already training with my running shoes on…. I know he will have more endurance and strength in just a few more months!! It’s great though, knew it would be wonderful, just didn’t know HOW wonderful it is. Thanks for stopping by. Hope all is well.

  3. Hi DAF! I’m so happy to hear that you are able to enjoy so much time with your grandson and see him reach all the amazing milestones! Gosh… it brought me right back to the days when the boys were babies! Thank you!

    I know I’ve been absent as of late, but wanted you to know I’ve decided to move the blog over to Blogger. I hope you’ll take a moment to pop on over and check it out… and dare I say “Follow Me” again?? lol

    I’m looking forward to reading more of what’s been going on around here!


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