“I’m so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers.”
― L.M. Montgomery, Anne of Green Gables

I saw this quote last night.  I posted it on my Facebook page and this morning as I was walking my dear little puppy I was still thinking about it.

October is here!  Fall has fallen!  My sweatshirts are out and some are already in the laundry.  I am happy!

October is one of my favorite months.  I love the sky, it looks like a different type of blue.  The clouds look fluffier.  The trees move from having just a gentle hint of color on their leaves, to being clothed in reds and oranges and browns.  The leaves fall to the ground to do their dance and skip and hop across the yards and streets.  They crunch when stepped upon.  What could be more fun?

There is a house for sale down the road.  The front yard boasts two very large maple trees.  The yard this morning was filled with leaves.  I almost tied the dog to the mailbox and went into the yard to play in the leaves.  I contained myself and kept walking, just enjoying this fall morning.

My puppy loves this time of year.  He doesn’t just walk or trudge down the road.  His little Shiba  Inu tail curls tighter and he prances down the road, lifting his little head to smell the air.  It’s cooler out and easier to keep a good pace of walking.

The sun even changes to me.  It’s light is not so harsh, it is like it is tired from blazing all summer long.  It lights the day and the sky, but casts shadows that are longer and comforting.

The breeze teases you in the bright sun.  It tickles you with a slight briskness.  Not cold, but not warm, just that right amount of cool.

Oh, how I love the autumn.  I love how the world around me is turning and preparing for winter.  It is getting ready to rest from the long summer.  The birds are finding shelter in the evergreens where they will be safe.  The squirrels are scampering around finding nuts and shells of nuts to munch on during the winter days.  The air is fragrant with the remains of fires that have burnt the night before in fireplaces.

I come in from my walk and think of how blessed I am.  The house is cozy, it is home.  This week I look forward to my trip up to our nation’s capital.  I will see another side of autumn there.  I am anxious to experience the beginning of winter there.  I will see leaves die and the sky turn from the brightness of autumn to the dull gray of winter while I am there.

Changes are all around.  Fall, to me, announces the change coming.  The season announces the end of summer and beckons the beginning of winter.  I look forward to the cold, to bundling up in sweaters and coats, reminding myself that our Creator yearns to bundle us up in His arms.  Fall begins my yearly look inward to myself and I, for one, am so happy it is here.

Thanks for stopping by.  Enjoy this day whether it is filled with fall weather, warm weather, or for my blogging friend in Australia, especially enjoy the tulips of your spring.  As always, DAF


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11 thoughts on “October

  1. Beautifully written. This is our first fall as grandparents ~ take a photo of our little guy with some little pumpkins around him : )

  2. Will try to do that! Cannot wait to see them and also cannot wait to see fall in D.C….

  3. Such a great post! I was just thinking the same thing the past few days! I don’t know what it is, but something about fall is so refreshing. Thanks for reminding me of how blessed we are to experience this season and how it ties back to our Savior!

  4. No one loves the Fall more than my dog Chester. I swear he has been skipping since the cool air came into town. This was such a beautiful post. I really enjoyed it.
    Have a wonderful trip to DC, looking forward to hearing about the visit with your little pumpkin.

  5. I will be there for five weeks, my daughter is going back to work and I am going to be there while she begins her sojourn back into the working force. I get to watch my little pumpkin! Tough job, but someone has to do it!!! 🙂 I will keep you posted. Hope you are having a better week. Thinking of you, Life!

  6. 5 weeks! I thought I heard cheers and someone jumping for joy…I couldn’t figure out where it was coming from.
    Positive thoughts to your daughter for a smooth transition back into the work force. Having you there will certainly relieve some of her stress. As for you..enjoy it all!

  7. I’m glad you have reached your favourite season and thank you for the mention of Spring and tulips. Today was most unSpring like, with snow about 100 kilometres south west of Sydney. It hardly ever snows there. Enjoy the leaves and your puppy’s exuberance!

  8. thanks Curtain! I hope the stubborn winter leaves soon and your spring returns with all it’s glory! Those photos of the tulips were so beautiful, spring flowers are my favorite, although the bouquet of fall flowers sitting on my table now are pretty nice too. Have a great day!

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