A Midnight Reminder

While living in San Diego, my dear hubby would often drive forty minutes to a place in the Laguna Mountains.  It was along the Sunrise Highway where we would pull off, stop the car, and get out.  Most often it was night when we would do this.  The reason for these night-time drives?  My dear hubby would take me to the mountains  so I could see the stars.

I love looking at the night sky. I love seeing the stars sparkling in the blackness of the night.  It makes me know that there is a God of our universe who loves us and is watching over us.

One night, long ago, we took the drive as I was in a melancholy mood.  Getting to our pull off point, we exited the car and stood together.  My dear hubby asked what would make me happy.  Without much hesitation, I told him that I longed to live in a place that was not hectic.  I longed to live in a quiet place where I could walk out my front door, look up into the sky and see the stars.  I never really thought that would happen.

Fast forward several years later.  Tonight at midnight my dear puppy put his little face up to me and let me know he needed to go outside.  So, while in my jammies, I took our puppy outside.  We walked across the street and while waiting for him to finish watering the neighbor’s bushes I glanced up to the sky.  There was the moon, peeking out from the scattered clouds.  A beautiful moon lit night.  In the gaps of the clouds, sparkling down on me were stars.  I stood there, thanking the Lord for this answer to my prayer.  I walked out  my front door to see stars.  What an awesome God we have.

Thanks for stopping by.  DAF

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