Looking out my window

Yesterday started out a bit different.  I usually get up, make juice, make coffee, take my dear little puppy for his morning walk and then go on with my day.  Yesterday was one of those days where your day starts immediately and then you  fill in the blanks with the normal.

As I was about to grab my puppy for a quick outing (meaning heading out the back door and letting him find a bush to relieve himself) I glanced out my window on our landing of our steps.  There was a beautiful heron.  He visits often and I never tire of seeing him in our yard.  Yesterday he seemed to be warbling.  I had never seen this before.  My dear hubby suggested he may be eating a fish.  I had the weird thought that maybe he was alarming other creatures in the area of danger.  I know, it’s the creative side of my brain.

As I was about to turn and continue up the steps something else caught my eye.  At first, it looked like a stick floating in the pond, but on second glance, I knew it was not.  It was a young relative of “Al”  the gator who visited our backyard three summers ago.  We tried to grab a picture of him yesterday, but he was too quick and clever.  I watched him a couple of times yesterday, he seemed to be enjoying our little pond and it’s not so safe haven for crabs and turtles and fish.

This morning, he was still hanging out.  Don’t know how long he will be visiting us, maybe I should name him also, what do you think he should be called?

Hope you are having a fun weekend, like I am.  As always, DAF

9 thoughts on “Looking out my window

  1. Love the post this afternoon. Hmm, I don’t know what you should call him. We called one of the big snapping turtles in our pond, “Trashcan” because he was as big as a trashcan lid. Maybe, you could name him “Mr. Grin”. Love your sentence, “Yesterday was one of those days where your day starts immediately and then you fill in the blanks with the normal”. Hey, at least you didn’t bit anyone ~ we may not be able to say the same for Mr. Grin *giggle* Love you my friend. Happy Grandparents day : )

  2. happy grandparents day to you!! It’s our first! You have the most precious grandson, Susie. I have never seen another as precious as him.

    Mr Grin… sounds good. I think he ate all our snapping turtles. last week I saw a crab that could have fed a family and I am certain he is gone now…

  3. It’s the low country, there are so many ponds with warning signs about not swimming and no pets and don’t feed the alligators… all right next to community playgrounds… go figure! I had a friend tell me that putting play grounds next to gator infested ponds is how they weed out the weaklings here… Isn’t that awful and funny?

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