Ramblings from a would be writer…

What a week!  Not bad, actually, but filled.  This post won’t be about anything in particular, but, as the title suggests, it will be a rambling of what is on my mind.

A couple of weeks ago I decided  that come September 1st, I was going to start to run again.  Not a huge decision as I actually lettered in track… well, okay, I lettered because I agreed to be student manager for two years, but I did run with the team and I actually ran in a few meets.  I love running.  There is something about it that feeds my soul.  I love the feel of air in my lungs and I love the pain I feel in my legs after I am done.  I used to run a bit, but, first there was a car accident and it hurt my shoulders to run, then there was that time where I went sled riding and hit a boulder and broke my back.  That made running difficult also.  But, a few weeks ago, I decided to run again.

So, to be ready for this I did what most people do… no, I didn’t go to my doctor.  I went online and googled, “beginning to run again” .  Actually there was a whole list of articles about it.  There was one that actually broke down running again into decades.  I went to the 50’s and read how to begin to run again.  It said to walk to warm up, done.  Don’t stretch, as most seniors hurt themselves in stretching either before or after a run, done.  Didn’t want to do that anyhow.   It said to run in 5 to 10 second intervals.  Wow!  That I can do.

So, this past Monday, I got up early (didn’t want anyone to see me) and I did it.  I walked to the park, and along the track there I did several 5-10 second running spurts.  I did the same today and I survived.  Now, if I can continue this and increase the amount of time in actually running, who knows, by next year I could actually run around the entire track at the park!  I will keep you posted.

I got a cyber kick in the bum this week also.  I read a wonderful post about cleaning out a closet.  I had thought of doing this to all my closets and drawers.  So, yesterday I started this also.  I was surprised to realize that although I have thought that my closets and drawers are out of control, they actually just need redone.  Taking things out and putting them back in order.  I have gone through most of my downstairs and will continue until I am finished with the house.

I think, however, the reason I am keeping busy and starting things like running is I need to feel like I am doing something.  My dear hubby has been ill, as some of you know.  Last week we got a diagnosis and although it is not extremely serious, it has its challenges.  I know that the Lord is not surprised by the diagnosis.  I know that He is in control of everything in our lives.  I do have peace in this knowledge.  The thing is, is I am a do-er. I need to feel like I am accomplishing something, helping something DOING something.  Since there is nothing I can do to help this situation, the next best thing is to get busy.  So, that is what I am doing.  I am running, hopefully getting into shape.  I am also cleaning, because, well, it needs to be done.

But, as I am moving, I am praying.  Praying for wisdom, direction, and most of all healing.  Thanks for listening to my rambling, as always, your Dear Anonymous Friend.


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8 thoughts on “Ramblings from a would be writer…

  1. You go girl. How wonderful. Thinking of you as you have a servant’s heart for your husband, your home, and your body….running….I am envious girl. I had a hip replacement last year and the doc told me “don’t run” 😦 Enjoy enjoy and you go!!!!! Wonderful encouragement, friend.

  2. How I love co-pay free Google for all my information as well. I am very proud of you for starting these challenges at a challenging time. You’ll be out of the dark and running on a bright path before you know it! I will certainly keep you & hubby in a positive light for healing and strength.

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