Same Stuff… Different Day

Have you ever answered someone’s question with my title?  Doing the same thing as you did yesterday, last week, last month, but the day was different.  That was the only difference in your schedule.

I have thought recently about topics like this.  Same stuff, different day.  One more time around the mountain.  Here we go again.  Or, the definition of insanity that Albert Einstein suggested, doing the same thing yet expecting different results.

When we were walking around Gettysburg in early July, I came upon this site.  I photographed this picture as a reminder of finding something totally unexpected in a place, this time being a national battlefield park.  I knew I would think of this site often.  I also knew that I would wish I could sit here and just think.  I didn’t think it would be this soon though.

For those of you who follow my posts, you know that I like to pray.  I like to pray for family and friends and for people I see going through something while I am walking.  It’s my time to get my day going and get some exercise.

Lately I have had a couple of things I have pondered and praying on.  One in particular makes me wish I could be a puppet master, you know the one holding the strings.  I would move arms and hands and feet.  I wouldn’t make the puppets dance, I would just move them in ways I would like to see them move.

This begs the question, ‘why’?  Why would I want to be responsible for someone else’s actions?  Why would I want to move someone who has the ability to think and reason and discern their own paths?  Why would I think that my input would somehow make their life better?

Lots of why’s and no clear-cut answer.  What I have concluded though, is that I am not the one who is in control of this world (thank God!).   The best I can do for anyone is to be a support.  I can pray and ask for blessing and joy for people.  The rest is up to our Creator.

I can argue during my prayer time (yes, I argue with God, I’m that crazy).  I can tell Him that what I am seeing I have seen before.  I can use all the lines I wrote at the beginning of this post.  I can yell that it is insanity that I am seeing.  But, as I have so often read and heard, we see the bottom of the tapestry with all the knots and loose ends and tangles of thread, He sees the top of the tapestry.  The side that is perfect and colorful and beautiful and finished.  We can pull all we want on the knots and the tangles, trying to make something of them, but until the end we will never see the other side.  When I stop running at the mouth and mind while on my walk, I hear a gentle voice within me assure me that He is in control.  Lately, I have heard, “It’s okay.  hang on, I’ve got this.”

So, although it seems like it’s the same stuff, different day, it’s not.  It’s one more quadrant of a beautiful tapestry that we call life.  Which leads me to another photo I took that same few moments we passed the unexpected.  What was the person sitting here looking at?

The views may change, but sometimes we have to sit in the unexpected places and take in the scenery.

Thanks for stopping by, as always, DAF


6 thoughts on “Same Stuff… Different Day

  1. I love the tapestry analogy. I wish I had your faith… some days it really does just seem like SSDD. But then I have to remind myself to be thankful that I am getting a different day to make the most of. As always, thanks for the reminder and for the inspiration. 🙂

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