Did you ever have one of those times where you feel like you are in a major fog bank?  Not in the driving sense, but in the everyday life type of way.

Since I have been home, I have looked at the photographs I took while on vacation.  Each shot I took I had a reason for them (well, except for my precious little grandson… I just wanted lots of pictures of him).  Each shot on the drive up to my nephew’s wedding was for a reason.  I wanted to have as many reminders of mountains as I could.

While in Pennsylvania I took many, many pictures.  What I found, though, was I took pictures of scenery.  Lots of scenery of the Pennsylvania countryside.  I took a few of monuments, but mostly photos were of the beautiful landscapes surrounding me.

I thought of posts while taking pictures and I also thought of pictures I could paint in the future.  I was excited to get home and start writing about the pictures and unload my mind of all the post ideas I had.

Now, here is where I have remained.  No writing, just looking at photos and walking around in a fog.  I figured since I have been this way for the past couple weeks, I may as well write about this.  Maybe this will help clear the fog a bit and I can break through into a sunny place where the words will magically appear and posts will follow with ease.

Thanks for stopping by and finding my fog horn.  I appreciate your visits.  DAF


11 thoughts on “Fog

  1. OH boy… I do that all the time. Take a great shot and think “Nah… I don’t need to make a note of it because I’ll remember where it is.” Ha! I almost never do remember. Well… after painstakingly re-enacting the image in my mind, using the date/time stamp, photos before and after, and asking the Boss for any help he might be able to provide I kind of – sort of remember what I wanted to say about it. But I always get the feeling that what I wanted to say in the first place would have been so much better! I’m sure your pictures are beautiful and I’m looking forward to seeing them when you’re ready!! 🙂

  2. Allow yourself time to ease back into writing. You’ve had some major life events this year. And whether you realize it or not, your pieces in the past month have been some of your best (including this post). Words ebb and flow, and as autumn begins to make her appearance you’ll wonder where that fog went (smiling).

  3. First off, thank you Susie. You are my cheerleader, as usual. Actually, just getting these words on the post has helped. Am mulling over a post in my mind as I write this. Thanks for always being there and most of all, for being you!

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