My normal routine in the morning is to make fresh juice, enjoy a glass with my dear hubby as we check our email on our laptops.  I occasionally will pop over to see what has happened overnight in the world of Facebook.

This morning was one of those mornings.  I read a post from a friend who lives in Maine.  She mentioned children wearing jackets this morning.  Ah, jackets, will I ever get to wear one again?  That was my thought as I started on my morning walk with my dear little puppy.  Mind you, I was in my shorts and tee-shirt and was starting to sweat (err, glisten) by the time we hit the street in front of our house.

My morning walk time is my time to gather thoughts and pray for my day and my family.  I love this time.  It settles my mind and prepares me for what lies ahead of my day.

Today, I noticed how quiet it was.  The only sounds were the cicadas and lawnmowers and a distant hammering.  It was a different quiet from what I have heard in the past.  I wondered at it and kept walking.

Our walk usually ends at the neighborhood park.  As I walked through the pathway of the vines that cover the sidewalk it dawned on me.  There were no children.  No adults, no one.  School is truly in session.  The water in the pool was still, not even moving for the gentle breeze in the air.  The swings were still as if waiting at attention.  The jungle gym was standing guard, waiting until three p.m..  All the park was waiting until later afternoon, when it would all come to life again.  Waiting for the squeals of kids free from the confines of a classroom.

Waiting is something we all do.  Sometimes it is a short wait, sometimes we get bored with the wait because of its length.  It got me thinking, though, what am I now waiting for?  Cooler weather?  The holidays?  What would those things bring me?

So, now, I am pondering what is around the corner of my life?  The one thing I have discovered over the years is, there is always something.  I am glad we cannot see what tomorrow brings, for we may not accept it.   I am just curious and indeed, I think I am also waiting for the three p.m. of my day.

Hope you are having a good day and may this day be filled with wonderful surprises of life exploding around you.   As always, DAF


4 thoughts on “Waiting

  1. There truly is something to be said for not knowing what is around the next corner. The thought of knowing conjures up an image of myself with my heels dug in saying “No way Boss! I’m not going!” as he tries valiantly to get me around that next corner! lol
    I love the “Waiting for 3 o’clock” analogy! It brings back all kinds of memories of watching that minute hand s-l-o-w-l-y make its way to sounding that bell. There are definitely some good days of waiting and some bad. Hope yours are all good ones! 🙂

  2. Lovely post, DAF. I’m always waiting for things, too, DAF, like our next trip to see the kids, or the weekend so I’llbe able to spend time with George. For me, though, I need to stop and appreciate the day because I waste too much time waiting. Your post has shown me that. How I miss my walks! It’s been nearly three months. Maybe the weather will be a little cooler when I can take walks again.

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