Passing into Autumn

This afternoon I have spent most of my time at my kitchen table.  I have poked around on the computer a bit, but mainly, I have watched the sun make its trek across the sky, changing the light in our backyard.

The temperature is still high.  The humidity is matching the temperature.  There is a nuance though, the “feel” of autumn is creeping in and subtly changing the landscape of summer.  The light in the sky is different, casting rays and shadows that make me want to slow my pace a bit.

The streets are quiet here as most of our neighborhood children head back to school tomorrow.  I know in many homes the lazy rights of summer are no longer present as the moms are packing lunches, laying out first day of school clothes and reassuring children that it will all be okay in the morning.

Each year it amazes me how subtle the fall creeps in.  It is blazing hot summer days filled with squeals of kids and scooters and skate boards and bicycles flying down the road suddenly silenced by the appearance of school supplies at the local markets.  Somehow those wonderful boxes of crayons and the notebooks, pristine in bright colors beckon these changes.

Summer flew by this year.  It may be that I was gone for over a month that it seems to have passed so quickly.  I look forward to autumn.  It is one of the best seasons.  It quiets the world down a bit, draws us inside to family times and soups and preparation for winter.

I know, it is only the middle of August, but this is what I am thinking of as I watch the golden rays of the sun pass along my backyard.

Thanks for stopping by.  I appreciate your visits.  As always, DAF


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9 thoughts on “Passing into Autumn

  1. Is it too much of a coincidence that today we had a really good taste of spring and that everyone was out and about our neighbourhood tending their garden? This is coming off 3 days of bitterly cold wind and rain. Nice post.

  2. I think it’s too bad that kids have to start school so early in many places. Our kids here don’t start until after Labor Day. That seems right. I know what you mean about the subtle differences, though. The plants in the garden are getting leggy and burnt. I think autumn is my favorite season, too, DAF.

  3. You are so right about fall “creeping” in, so softly and subtly…I am amazed at how quickly the summer’s fly by. Well written post, and one I enjoyed reading, Thank you!

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