Last night I flew back home.  It was only an hour and half flight, but the distance feels like the two places are farther away.

I came home to a new roof that was put on while we were gone.  It looks very nice and hopefully it is up well enough to withstand wind and rain and storms.

I also came home to a new refrigerator.  When my dear hubby arrived home last week ours had ceased working.  He knew something was up when there were no ice cubes in a freezer that had previously provided those magical little cubes in abundance.

Hubby picked out a wonderful replacement and this morning I went shopping to make it feel wanted and needed.  The fridge now has a full interior and from first glance it seems like it has been there forever.  I, however, still need to explore all the new and exciting features that weren’t on our old one.

Home.  A simple four letter word.  A place to rest and be restored.  A place to truly be yourself.  Where you can kick off your shoes and plop down on a couch and sigh.

Our dear little puppy was joyous to see me.  He ran down the steps and jumped up and down and sniffed me all over.  His little tail wagging and his doggy smile beaming.  Never has he given me a half-hearted greeting and this one went above and beyond all other previous greetings from him.

It is said that home is where the heart is.  I do agree with this.  It is nice to be back and begin a normal routine.  It is nice to see neighbors and friends.  To receive hugs and warm wishes of welcome.  It has given me a renewed sense of well-being in being here.

What I have realized though, is that two weeks ago tomorrow my definition of home was changed.  True, home is where the heart is.  What is hard to put in focus is I am at home here, among all my furniture and things… but my heart is wrapped in the tiny fingers of my little grandson.  He wrapped his tiny and perfect fingers around my heart the instant I saw him.  It will never fully belong to me again and I am fine with that.  He is home to me in a way I never expected.    He is our little miracle and gift from our heavenly Father.  He radiates the glorious work given to us from above.

Home.  A place to be at rest, to feel peace and to be yourself, even if it means bending over a tiny ear and whispering, ” You are so loved.”

Thanks for stopping by, DAF


8 thoughts on “Home

  1. Spoken like a new grandmother! I’m enjoying being back in my little house, too, but I do miss those children and my two beautiful granddaughters. Hope you can get back to see that little guy soon.

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