Baby Watch 2012 ~ Day 17 ~ 19 ~~~ And we are waiting…

When God forms an infant in our lives, He creates them with such perfection.  I know the last touches are forming and growing and I admit, I am so anxious to see that perfection.

The weekend came and went.  It was filled with times of laughter and happiness.  It was a weekend with family.  It was good.

We are all waiting, and waiting.  We know we cannot rush these things.  We know that babies come at the exact time they are supposed to.  But, I confess, I walk into my daughter and son in law’s place and longingly look at all the things set up for our dear little baby.  I have several times leaned over his little chair and imagined talking with him.  I can picture him there sitting, fussing, smiling.  His little high chair is waiting to be encrusted with cheerio’s or other finger food.  The place is ready, our hearts are ready.  Our arms are open to hold and touch.  I know the end is in sight.

Today I ventured onto the Olympic site and there was a countdown, rapidly ticking off seconds and minutes.  I thought to myself, man, I wish we had one of those for the baby.  I think we do, it is in heaven and the seconds and minutes are ticking away.  His birthday is soon, and this grandma is anxious to celebrate.

Thanks for stopping by and checking in.  As always, DAF


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