Baby Watch 2012 ~ Day 13 ~ Blessings of my life

It is another hot day here in the nation’s capital.  I feel for my baby as she carries her baby.  Summer is just not a fun time to carry around a baby.

But, that is not what this post is about.  Throughout today my mind has gone from the excitement of meeting my grandson to thoughts of the other set of grandparents.  They are my blessing.  They have been for many, many years now.

My dear son (in law) parents are two of the greatest people I know.  They are fun-loving, generous, and just wonderful friends.  The other grandma and I have had so many blessed times together.

I think of her and smile.  She is what I referred to in an earlier post of the friendship that is a weathered and patina-ed gold.  She is the friend who has been through so much with me.  She has been a comfort and strength and even a kick in the pants type of friend.  These friends are rare.  Some people go their whole life without having a friend like this.  I was so blessed to have met her when I was in my early 20’s.

We have made several cross-country road trips together.  Those trips were filled with laughter and tears.  Sometimes tears because of the laughter.   Last night we did the Facebook type of conversation.  It was enjoyable.  Suddenly my phone rang and I jumped up, because you never know when it could be “the” call. (you know the labor type of call).

When I answered the phone I heard a familiar laughter, not just a chuckle, but the laughter of a friend.  I immediately started laughing even though I had no idea what was going on.  I just knew it would be good and I wanted to join in.

Today, I have thought of that phone call.  It gladdens my heart.  I feel blessed.  She is a joy to my life and makes my life even more complete than it is.

What is the greatest blessing in all of this, though, is that she and I will share the joy of a grandson. Together, we can go on and on about his accomplishments.  Most people can share about their grandchildren to their friends and, as friends, we listen.  We listen, but know full well that ours is better.  We will not have to do that.  Ours will be the best and we will be able to talk and laugh over his little accomplishments and his big accomplishments.  We will never tire of hearing or talking about him.  I am so very grateful for my friend.  I am so glad we can share this 13th day of baby watch.

I look forward, with joy and anticipation, to what we will experience in the future.  How good God was to give me a friend in her.  I sign off, happy in today and waiting expectantly for our baby to be born.

Thanks for stopping by, DAF


6 thoughts on “Baby Watch 2012 ~ Day 13 ~ Blessings of my life

  1. wow! A new name for us, we have often thought we needed a moniker… we did a Thelma and Louise pose before one of our trips.. I like the idea of us being the Dynamic Duo of Grandmomma world! Thanks for checking in!

  2. How wonderful that her son married your daughter! What are the odds! Love to hear about your friendship. I have been blessed with two friends like that, one sice I was thirteen!

  3. If they only knew us DAF *laughing* Oh the stories those road trips could tell. Hmmm… I think you should write about some of your favorites while on the road *giggle*.

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