Baby Watch 2012 ~ Day 10 – Day12 ~ Almost There…

First of all, I miscounted, the last post should have read up to day 9.  I must have been more tired than I realized since I couldn’t count the days.  Either that, or it just seemed like a long time since we had left home.  Today, is Day 12.

Since we have left, we have travelled through South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, back to Maryland and now back in Virginia via a quick drive through some of the less glamorous side of the District of Columbia (D.C.).

I love seeing the changes in the scenery.  I love getting a glimpse of a monument or two.  That part is always exciting.

We are now at a hotel 9 miles from our daughter and son-in-law.  Today is her due date and our dear little grandson seems content to be where he is.  No encouragement of “go toward the light!” seems to move him any.  Our beautiful daughter sweetly smiles and lets us know that he will come when he is ready.

We saw our daughter for lunch late last week.  She looked beautiful and happy.  We were thrilled to see her.  This past Saturday we went to lunch with both our daughter and our wonderful son-in-law.  They looked the same, but there is an underlying difference to them.  As I looked at them, they were no longer the starry-eyed newlyweds that we have seen for the past few years, they still had the starry look at each other, but this time, it was different.  They looked like parents.  There was a slight change in them, one that is intangible, but still present.  They are ready to be Mom and Dad.

I have always loved the way my dear son (in law) looks at my baby.  He looks at her with caring and support.  You know he takes care of her in all ways.  I love that about him.  She looks at him in a similar way.  When we saw them on Saturday, the look was there, but there was an added layer to his care.  He is a Father now.  Yes, the baby is still waiting to make his appearance, but my dear son (in law) is already watching over him and protecting him.

I have been excited to meet this little baby.  I have discovered that in my excitement I have kept the baby, my baby(my daughter)  and my son (in law) as separate people.  What I saw on this past weekend is the creation of a family.  They are no longer  an adorable couple, they are a family unit.  What came to mind for me is this verse in the Bible, “A person standing alone can be attacked and defeated, but two can stand back-to-back and conquer. Three are even better, for a triple-braided cord is not easily broken. ” Ecclesiastes 4:11-13

I have often prayed for this couple to be strong and able to withstand whatever comes at them.  I have seen that prayer answered on several occasions, now I can see an underlying strength that is woven deeply in them.  This strength will arise to occasions and situations and they will be able to hold this little family together.  I am so proud of what I am seeing evolve, it is amazing and wonderful.

So, with this we continue to wait.  It is fun to watch the waiting.  Thanks for stopping by.  DAF


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4 thoughts on “Baby Watch 2012 ~ Day 10 – Day12 ~ Almost There…

  1. Not everyone has the ability or they just don’t take the time to see those things. You are blessed to be open enough to recognize that moment. I’m crossing everything in hopes your grandson will come soon….it’s too hot to be pregnant.

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