19 days to go, but who’s counting?

T-minus 8 days until my dear anonymous hubby and I will begin our trek towards the “baby-watch”.  My mind is a flurry of lists, what to do, what to clean, what to take, you get the idea.  I find I am not thinking straight (well, isn’t that normal?) .  I look at things in my house and somehow another mental list forms, complete with check boxes and bold print.  Have I written anything down yet?  Well, apart from the two lists I wrote last week, no.

I have gotten some things accomplished.  The mail will be brought in.  The plants will be watered.  Dear Anonymous Puppy will be walked, fed and loved on.  Those are the big things, whether or not the house will be immaculate is another story.  The basics are taken care of.  Dear Hubby is taking care of our car, checking and re checking to make certain there is nothing amiss.  Of course, he loves doing car maintainance, so to him, this is a normal week.

Today, I begin to get organized.  I will make appointments that need to be kept before we leave next week.  And I will write the last list of “to-do’s”.  I am excited about this, you know, my love of lists and the thrill of checking each item off.  It will be a fun, fulfilling week.  (Yes, my life is that exciting)

So, for today I am going to post this and then head to my printer where I will put together a book I have written for my grandson.  This is the second book I have written for a newborn.  The first I wrote about 5 years ago.  It was titled, “How Hudson Made  A Family”.  It was incredibly written and the stick figure illustrations were awesome.  I was proud of the end results.

This time I have written an epic novel.  If it were to ever hit the shelves it would be a miracle.  This time, I have taken my children’s fascination with the Old West and have titled this tome, “Cowboy Bud”.    They have the rough copy, as I ran out of time before their shower to put the book together.  So, since I have a week to go, I figured it is time to get it together (literally).

Our family has referred to this coming baby as “Bud”.  That will not be his name, but when all the grandparents were told of his upcoming appearance, our kids introduced him as Bud to us.  So, for the past few months we lovingly refer to him by that name, hence, the title of this story.

Cowboy Bud is in search of something dear to him.  He and his horse companion have searched for months for a loving home.  They find one and living there is Marshall Daddy and School Marm Mommy.  They welcome Cowboy Bud into their homes and take care of him and his horse.  They know they will always be taken care of and they sleep comfortably in their new home.

I know, it’s the stuff great movies are made of.   I keep waiting for the Pulitzer Prize people to show up at my door.  I think they are waiting until I finally put the pages into the book, I don’t know for certain.  Anyhow, that is my goal today.  That and make some lists.

I figure if I keep myself busy then I won’t start packing my bags and the car today.  Somehow I don’t think sitting in the car, honking for the trip to begin will make the time pass any more quickly, do you?   However, I am anxious for these next 19 days to pass quickly.  I know at this point, our little Bud can make his appearance at any time.  If I stop and think I find I cannot carry out anything as I wonder what he will look like, what his real name will be and imagining his baby smell and soft cries.  Yes, I am counting and I think I must get going, I have a suitcase that is ready to be packed.

Thanks for stopping by.  DAF

6 thoughts on “19 days to go, but who’s counting?

  1. Awww… that sounds like a wonderful story! Good luck putting it all together. And one more thing… don’t forget to put “( ) Sit down, have fun, and relax” on that list of yours! 😉

  2. What!? Hmmm… Please. Who came home to a beautiful heart shaped wreath on her door? And who was given a beautiful gift basket that was packed with everything an already lonesome mother needed? And who hot glued sunflowers onto little sunbonnets? Do I need to continue? Silly grandmother *smiling* I love you too.

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