The Good, The Bad and The Ouch?

(Disclaimer: this is not a serious post.  Also, this is not a long post)


Big puffy clouds hanging across the deep blue sky.  Some dark and foreboding (rain possibly?  Danger?)

The time: high noon (well give or take a few minutes)

Our shadows drift eerily across the road in front of us.  Puppy is panting, water is needed.

The town is deserted, no one around except for the brave soul who appears to be packing up his wagon and heading out-of-town.

The rattle of lawnmowers break the silence (think rattlers here people, I’m trying to be dramatic) and squirrels scamper in fear of us up the tree. (again, go with me… think prairie dogs instead of squirrels)

It’s high noon here.  Time when no one goes out, never know what dangers lurk down the road.  I hear something approaching, what could it be?  My puppy rushes into the near by brush to escape (well, that and he had to do his business).  The noise grows louder, SMACK!  Stupid skeeters, got me again.

Well Pardner, so much for spinning a western yarn, thanks for stopping by y’all…


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