A Lovely Evening for a Walk

My daily routine is to walk our dear puppy a couple of times a day.  This walk is down to our pool/playground area twice and then in the evening, a walk around the block.

The past couple of nights it has been so pleasant, I have done a third walk down to the pool area.   Tonight was a lovely evening, so again we headed down to the pool.

It was so nice tonight.  The sun had taken its western trip for the evening, and the sky here, although there was a finger tip moon in the sky, was still light.  Porch lights were on and upstairs lights were on as families were settling in for the night.

Since the sun was no longer blazing overhead the humidity was absent.  Yes, the mosquitoes were ever-present, but without the sun overhead blazing down on me, it was a wonderful night to be out and walking.

The cicadas and the crickets joined together to create the melody that is the South in the summer. There were the faint remains of late suppers on the grill, mixing the smell of  the charcoal and burgers and hot dogs.  Only once did I smell the sweet aroma of a gardenia that had the tenacity to still be blooming.  The smell of the gardenia soon became overwhelmed by the smell of the chlorine of the pool and my reverie of enjoying this southern night was interrupted by the squeals of children still playing in the pool.

It was a lovely evening for a walk and I wanted to share it with you.  Now, that I have done this, I really need to go and scratch a bite that is begging to be itched.

Thanks for stopping by, have a wonderful evening.  As always, DAF

7 thoughts on “A Lovely Evening for a Walk

  1. In his old age my dog has suddenly switched to the dark side where my husband resides and absolutely LOVES the heat. I, on the other side sweat like a pig when it gets into the high 30’s. Like I have said, hot weather is God’s way of reminding me how miserable I would be in hell, so it is my slap upside the head to behave myself.thanks for the comment!

  2. As we drove through Gila Bend I was remembering the color of your face as we pulled off the road with a flat tire! *hahaha* It looked much better once we got back in the pool later that evening. I can attest to the fact that you and heat are not best buds. Enjoying the morning at the Crow bookstore in Seaport Village. Laptop, morning coffee and waiting to see my BFF. Seems strange to be reading your words and not seeing your face. I can hear your voice. Miss you.

  3. I would love to be sitting beside you, are you upstairs, downstairs or outside? Miss going there, enjoy the view for me. That bookstore was the place were ‘our’ daughter and I used to go to have a special time, the last time we went there together we talked about her moving to be with ‘our’ son. Love you! DAF

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