I love this post and wanted to share it with others. For some reason it spoke to me with it’s simplicity and honesty. I have battles with my computer on writing. I love the list at the end, it reminds me of my brain and my usual train of thought, well done, Outside Air. Enjoy reading this.

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M. Catherine Thomas is a published writer, speaker and teacher. Mother of two and grandmother..

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  1. Ack, love this! Do you know what I liked the best? The photo of the left and right brain *laughing* But that’s me – visual. That’s where my eye went first. That’s where my eye kept going back to for study. I wanted to reach and touch, rub the color around on my fingertips. I think it all goes back to the day I locked myself in my paternal grandmother’s bathroom (a scared room) opened her make-up drawer and removed everyone of her lipsticks (which were laid in order of color) and rubbed them across tissue and ruined the perfectly rounded tip on each of them (my bad). I was banned from her bathroom to the utility room bathroom after that. I love color! And I love words that describe them. Thank you DAF for reposting this wonderful list of words that colored my world today.

  2. I read this last night and loved it. Open Air is a great writer and I enjoy her blog, had to repost this for all read. Thanks for stopping by, miss you! two weeks until we leave and see you!

  3. Whoops, I have a spelling error on the above post. I meant to write (sacred room) not (scared room). I was scared all right after she got hold me. Scared to every go in that room again *laughing*

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