Ramblings on Fathers…

Sunday is Father’s Day.  This year is a special one for our family, as we have a new father in our midst.  Granted, the baby is still a couple of weeks away in actually being here, but, nonetheless, we know he is a new Daddy.

This makes my heart full.  I find it unique to watch the process of being a Daddy.  I was too preoccupied to notice the excitement when my Dear Hubby became a Daddy.  There were too many things going on.  Too many lists to make, in my case!

But, even then, we knew that becoming a Father is a perfect gift from Heaven.  We knew that our beloved little bundle was a gift sent from the hand of God.  Specially picked for us.

This became more aware to me after finding out we were going to become grandparents.  One sleepless night (which is nothing unusual for me) I lay there thinking about the baby.  What was a revelation to me at the time, (as only middle of the night thoughts can be) was that this child  is a combination of the perfect parts of our children.  The eyes, the nose, the mouth, all of that is a combination of the best of the two of them. 

I continued to think of talents, of personality and the way he will walk and talk.  I thought of our children and their sense of humor, the way they are. 

What sparked this thought process was the scripture  Jeremiah 1.  Mostly, verse 4 and 5.  They are 4 The LORD gave me this message: 5 “I knew you before I formed you in your mother’s womb.       Before you were born I set you apart       and appointed you as my prophet to the nations.” I then went to the footnotes of my Bible and read this, ” God knew you, as he knew Jeremiah, long before you were born or even conceived.  He thought about you and planned for you.  When you feel discouraged or inadequate, remember that God has always thought of you as valuable and that he has a purpose in mind for you.”

How incredible is that?  I consider this my first lesson from my Grandson.  In thinking of him and praying for his development, he taught me a lesson.  Because I started to think of him and how he was formed, and in my mind (which I know is a bit weird) I could see the Lord taking my dear son-in-law’s sense of humor and timing and my daughter’s sarcasm and blending them together to form our grandson’s unique personality.  I went on to imagine the talents that both have and how that would affect our little baby boy.

What surprised me was that my thoughts then went to our children, how they are the perfect mixture of my dear hubby and I.  I smiled to myself to think of their gifting and their personalities.  I marvelled at how wonderfully they were made.  How their lives have enriched mine in so many ways.  I teared up in remembering all they have given me and then added to those memories the hopes of what is to come for us. 

I realized then, that the wisdom and patience I have long respected in grandparents is something that is laying dormant in me and is being awakened with thoughts like I have had.

What came next was the thought that I, too, am a perfect combination of my parents.  That I, too, was formed and God knew me before I was born.  He created me, in all my weird and glorious quirks.  That I was that special someone to my grandparents, that they felt the same way about me as I do about our dear little boy to be named in a few weeks…

Being a parent is a gift.  It’s tough, but it is a gift.  Being a Father is an incredible gift and responsibility.  I find myself praying for my dear son in law for his strength and wisdom and that he keep that wonderful sense of humor that he has. 

Most of all, I think of my earthly Dad this day.  He is no longer with us, but he lives on in memories that are a big part of each day of my life.  I know I did not appreciate him as much as I could have as a child.  I didn’t fully understand his situation until I had children of my own.  My father had the awesome duty of raising three daughters after the death of my mother.  He stumbled and fell some times, but he succeeded.  We three girls are now grown with grown families.  We could not have done it without my Dad. 

Men are wonderful creatures.  They are strong, they seem emotionless most of the time.  They do their jobs and most of the time we see them without really looking at them.  I think when we stop to truly look at our spouses, at these men, these fathers whom we love, we see the little boys that are curious and like to explore.  We also can see those young men that we fell in love with, those young men who would stop the car and pick daisies on a hillside to give you flowers.  We see the men who cried at the birth of their babies, and then cried when those babies were grown and starting life on their own.

These wonderful, frustrating creatures, may we look at them with fresh eyes today and be able to truly wish them Happy Father’s Day tomorrow.

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M. Catherine Thomas is a published writer, speaker and teacher. Mother of two and grandmother..

5 thoughts on “Ramblings on Fathers…

  1. A wonderful look into the soul of men. A a good reminder to all of us to do just as you have suggested. Not just with our eyes but with our hearts as well. For in blessing our husands, we bless the Creator and leave a loving blueprint for our children on how to treat one another. Thank you for your thoughtful post today.

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