Gonna put my dancin shoes on…

Lately I have noticed in the blogs I follow that the writers are focusing their posts in a specific direction.  I understand this.  I think we all have an idea of what we would like to say and write when we approach the blog kingdom.  Once we arrive in this land (at least this is my experience) we look around at our surroundings.  We see different highways and alley ways and we venture down each with a bit of trepidation.  Eventually we follow them back to the opening courtyard and it hits us, we are each our own highway or alleyway.  We have a voice in our writing and a desire in our heart to say something that is unique to us.

The highways I will leave to others, and I will attempt to pave my own little alley way.  I like alleys.  They are hidden gems of roads that intersect some major streets.  They get you from one place to another and while travelling on them you get to see sights that are hidden when you stay on main thoroughfares.   Alleys are a glimpse into the backyard of people’s lives.

I have always wanted to write a devotional.  Nothing incredible, but something that people will read and have an “Aha” moment with our Creator.  I have thought of this for the past three decades. Wow!  I now feel like the ancient of days in writing that last sentence.  Maybe I should have lied and said I have thought of it for the last three weeks.  Three decades is longer than some of the writers of blogs I am following!  But, I digress.

Today I took some time to sit, pray and read my Bible.  I don’t do this often enough and thus the reason I feel a bit under qualified to write a devotional.  But, hey, I am human and real and flawed.  There was a time when I was much more consistent and structured, but, alas, I am not that way now.

I read Ecclesiastes 3:4, “A time to cry and a time to laugh, a time to grieve and a time to dance.” (NLT)

I then thought over my past year or so.  I have had times of great laughter and great tears.  I have experienced the laughter that comes with comical times, and the kind of laughter that comes with joy.  There is also the laughter that comes when you can’t do anything else but laugh.   I have a distinctive laugh.  I have several types of laugh, in fact.  When my oldest was doing theater work, she and her fellow cast mates would know when I was in the audience.  If she didn’t hear me, she would know of my presence from someone who knew my laugh.  My family tries to get me to laugh.  I snort, I wheeze, I even have what they call my drunken man laugh(although I don’t have to be in that state to do this).  That is their favorite.  When they get me to that point, then all are joining in with me.  Laughter, to me is a public expression. I love times of laughter.

Tears, to me, are  expressions of many things.  I have already written about tears and they continue to intrigue me.  They can come with joy, with sorrow, with apprehension, with fear, with worry.  There are tears for every event and emotion on earth.

Grief is another intriguing state to me.  I always thought that grief was restricted to loosing someone to death.  I don’t see it as that anymore.  I have found myself grieving for a number of things and reasons.  Grief is something people tend to avoid, if possible.  At least that is my thinking on it.  Grief is good though.  Yes, it is painful and it comes and goes like the wind.  But, it is necessary for wholeness.

Anyone who knows me, knows I have two left feet.  Dance is something I dream of doing.  I dream because I have had dance classes and yes, it is official, I definitely do have two left feet.  I have a dance I do with my daughters and niece and anyone who does venture to dance with me.  It is a marvelous thing to behold and most likely it does result back to the laughter.

When I think of this verse, though, I picture in my mind several things.  You see, I have this mental image of what our Lord looks like.  When I have my time with Him, it is like I meet Him and we sit and visit with one another.  We are old friends, so we sit comfortably with one another.  I don’t mean to shake anyone’s theology here, but this is just how I picture it.  When I think of laughter and tears, grieving and dancing I picture it all with my Lord.  He has a wonderful laugh in my mind.  It is full and deep and it makes my heart relax.  His tears are cleansing to me.  In grief I feel comforted by a spiritual hug if that makes sense.  His dance stirs my heart to want to follow Him in each step.  Unfortunately, He created me with two left feet, so instead, I think about how, when I get to Heaven, I will be able to dance away with Him.

I came away this day with hope.  Hope that soon there will be a time to laugh and cry and dance with joy.  I think of the impending birth of my grandson and know that this gift to our family will give us all so much to celebrate.  I also have a wedding for my nephew three weeks from now.  He is an incredible man and his future wife is another gift to our family.  I look forward to celebrating and dancing at this wedding.  The dance won’t be pretty, but it will be done with joy, laughter and tears.

I hope today that any of you reading will have a day that will be filled with laughter, tears and dancing.  For those of you  who read and are experiencing grief, I pray it will be swift and the emotion that follows will be those that bring you laughter.

Thank you for stopping by, I so appreciate your visits, DAF

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4 thoughts on “Gonna put my dancin shoes on…

  1. The wonderful thing about alley’s – light fliters through the dark places. Psalm 119:105 “Thy Word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path.” Father, direct my sister’s steps today. Filter the light on her path with laughter. Amen.

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