Thank you Mr. White

Having read a couple of posts about Memorial Day (which is this weekend), I began to think about this holiday and how it affects me.

Several weeks ago I was blessed reading a post about the Australian/New Zealand Memorial Day celebration.  I cried through the post and was thankful for those brave men who served their country so honorably. Thank you

I am married to a veteran of the military.  We served together for almost 21 years.  Actually, he was the one to deploy and do the difficult things, while my difficulty was in just keeping the home fires burning.  This is not what was brought to mind to me today as I thought about Memorial Day.

As a child our hometown would have Memorial Day services at a local cemetery.  There would be members of the VFW(Veterans of Foreign War) and veterans who were not members of this group.  There would be a ceremony with our flag and a small gun salute to honor those who had fallen in war.  Each year my Dad would walk with my sisters and me to this cemetery.  He would not say much, but was somber while walking.  We would climb the hill by the ceremony site.  He would instruct us to find a place to sit and be still.  We did not have to be told to be quiet, that was a given.  Each year we would find a large tombstone and gently sit upon it, otherwise we could not see what was going on in front of us.

Dear Mr. White gave us a foundation (literally) to start our knowledge of Memorial Day.  He allowed us to see what was going on.  We were able to see those old people reverently carry out the service.  I don’t remember if he was a veteran or even if his name was White, but I know there was a certain tombstone of a gentleman who lent us his marker to view a part of history.

I am thankful for those who have served.  I am grateful to my Dad and my uncles, all who served during the last Great War.  Their numbers are dwindling, with them, their stories.  Soon all that will be left are dusty records in libraries.  This weekend, I think of them all and am grateful for their service and sacrifice.


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11 thoughts on “Thank you Mr. White

  1. thanks for stopping by. Arlington is an incredible place to visit, we drive by each time we visit our youngest daughter. Love your statement about the respect there. DAF

  2. This is a beautiful post DAF. I have similar memories from my childhood as my Dad was retired Air Force Reserve and we always attended parades and services. I love the fact that you used the phrase “served together” while describing your husband’s military career. While I agree that his work environment was more likely more dangerous, I think you may be selling yourself a bit short when it comes to the difficulties and hardships the military spouse endures to “keep the home fires burning”. It is without a doubt one of he most difficult “jobs” around.

    I am not a military wife, but the past two Memorial Days have been a little more emotional for me than usual in that my youngest is now proudly serving in the U.S. Army. Thankfully, he is currently state side but awaiting deployment orders. It’s a fine line between being extremely proud of him and being scared to death for him. I can only imagine what a military wife raising children and keeping the home fires burning must go through in quiet hours… when there’s time to think of the everyday realities.

    So, I say “thank you” to you and all the other military spouses out there proudly serving with their mates.


  3. thank you so much Wendy. I understand what you must be going through knowing your son will soon be deployed. You will have my thoughts and prayers as you also serve in sacrificing the calm of knowing where your son is and what he is doing. Your comment brought tears to my eyes and I thank you for stopping by. I worked for the army for a few years when we were stationed overseas, many fond memories of army men and their families. Have a wonderful weekend and again, thanks for stopping by. DAF

  4. A poignant post, DAF. My own family was affected greatly by WWII and we should have nothing but thanks and admiration for those who served and those who supported them. All the best for Memorial Day weekend. So glad my post touched you.

  5. I have thought of your post so often since I read it. I have told others about your post and how wonderfully you told the story of your country’s memorial day. If I could figure out how to scan and post pictures I have a beautiful picture of my father and my uncles all in uniform and attending my grandfather’s funeral. Each brother was in a different part of the military. Someday I will get tech savvy enough to do that! Hope you have a great weekend and thanks for stopping by. DAF

  6. Reblogged this on dearanonymousfriend and commented:

    Sitting here in our nation’s capital today, Memorial Day, I am reminded of the things that make our country great. I want to re-share this post from a few years ago with you. May today be filled with friends and family and lots of laughter and joy. Remember those who gave all for our country and thank those you may know who have served beside these fallen heroes. DAF

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