Pardon Me, I think you are standing on my soapbox

Many times in my life I still view things like the skinny 17 year in my mind.  I think I am flexible and generous in my thinking and accepting attitudes in others.  I smile often when reading my Facebook page, seeing what posts my younger ‘friends’ write.  I feel good about myself during those times.

Lately, though, I see my real age come creeping in when reading the posts mentioned above.  I know at these moments I should hit sign out and walk away.  I don’t.  Those posts are like the breaking news stories that both horrify and draw us in at the same time.

So, what do I do about it all?  I blog about it!  So, here I go, struggling to climb to the top of my soapbox.  (Remember when it was just a short step and we could all just jump up there and start to spout off on any and all things?  I, transgress though.)

The following are the comments I would truly love to post to all of my younger friends. (Remind me NOT to tell them about my blog…)

You can almost breath out of one nostril with your cold?   Well, duh, that is what having a cold is all about… you can’t breathe!!!  Hence, why you are feeling bad.  It also explains the aches, the tiredness, the ability to not think straight.  Get off the computer, take some medicine, drink plenty of fluids and sleep.  It will be amazing how good you will feel when you do these things!!

Your screaming toddlers and infants make you want to join in?  Of course they do.  That is what motherhood is all about.  You want to cry along with them, you want to scream along with them.  You want to and in your mind you can.  But, you are the parent!!  Get off the computer, get out the stroller, go to the park.  Wear them out with some fresh air.  Put them down to nap and then get on the computer.  Your posts will be much more refreshed.  Also, remember they are children and your very own personal gift from God.  Fashioned by His hand and given to you to raise.  Raise them, don’t regret them.

You are struggling with your husband’s deployment?  Well, wasn’t he in the service when you married?  Didn’t you think it odd that he went to work with a uniform on?  You knew these things.  They didn’t bother you when you were dating and engaged.  Deal with it.  It is his job and more than that, he is doing service to his country.  He is the one going into harm’s way so that we can safely walk out of our homes and not worry about walking into a war zone.  He is not only a hero to this country, he is your very own hero.  Cherish him and stop complaining, he would rather be with you and the children, but his sense of duty and patriotism calls him to be where he is.

While writing all the above, I feel no better with my responses.  They wouldn’t help anyone.  They would only add to the frustration, sickness or worry they are feeling.  This world-wide web is a wonderful tool.  It brings people together.  It helps develop friendships.  It is instant and amazing.   But, I think it also can draw you away from life.  It is easier to write your complaints out for the world to see, and then wait to get the sympathy we are wanting.

I think back over my youth (anything up until the beginning of my 5th decade), and I know there were times I longed to be able to scream out to the world how I was feeling.   I couldn’t as there was no means to do this.  How ever did we cope?

I know I was able to survive because of my loving hubby, my daughters and most of all because of my faith in our Lord.  He was my world-wide web.  He listened when no one was available or awake.  He was there, quietly sitting in the dark with me while I held a screaming child.  He was there when I was in a room alone barking into a pillow so I wouldn’t wake anyone in the house with my coughing.  He was there as I watched the evening news and knew my husband was in the middle of the breaking headlines.  He never varied, He never lost connection.  His bandwidth was always correct. (Don’t let me know if that makes no sense, I am trying to be literate here and use computer terms when I have no idea what they truly are).   He still is here, most likely waiting for me to get off the computer.  Get off my soapbox.  Go spend time with Him, reading His word or just getting out and enjoying the world He created for my enjoyment.

So, off I will go, take my puppy out to discover new scents on the bushes, as I sneeze at the blooming flowers.   I will sign off Facebook for a bit, and pray for those screaming kids and that woman facing the world without her husband by her side.  That is the side of the internet I need to focus on.  I can discover how to lift these people up, give them a cheerful word, bring them before the Lord.  Most of all, I can thank our Lord for allowing me the ability to hear from people who care enough to “friend” me.  That in itself is a good thing.

Thanks for gathering around my soapbox today.  I will climb down now and get busy.  DAF


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M. Catherine Thomas is a published writer, speaker and teacher. Mother of two and grandmother..

5 thoughts on “Pardon Me, I think you are standing on my soapbox

  1. I’ve concluded that the younger generation, not all, have a very disposable attitude about everything and therefore can not handle anything. They are missing problem solving skills in a big way. Instead of “fixing” something, whether it be a problem or a piece of furniture, they just complain or dispose.

  2. There is truth in what you say, not all, but a lot. A friend of mine calls it the microwave generation. I know we made sure we raised out daughters with the ability to make life decisions and stand on their own two feet. They have often thanked me for raising them to be strong women. Thanks for listening to my rant, once more… I love your posts, by the way, they invoke a feeling of fun and adventure. Thanks for stopping by, DAF

  3. The yourger generation are not just missing out on problem solving but also on learning the art and skill of resilience. Resilience is one of the most important skills in life. My generation though is not blamless, we tend to not let our children “fail” at anything.

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