I start my days reading the blogs I follow.  My morning begins with fresh juice and coffee, sometimes toast and always with reading blogs.

I mostly follow women writers, these women have become my inspiration and encouragement. I know I have stories in me.  They peek out at me several times throughout my day and week.  It is like looking in a window, you see a faint reflection and when you look again, they are gone.  They literally disappear when I sit at my computer.

So, for any of you brave souls who have once more ventured onto my blog, how do you get those words swimming about in your brain to come forward onto the keyboard?  I welcome suggestions, please!

I started this blog because I wanted something to hold me accountable for writing.  Years ago, I was part of a writer’s group.  We met monthly and we had a goal, either a topic or even a series of words.  Each month we would meet, we had writers, poets, song writers and artists.  The interpretation of our ideas was fascinating and we had so much fun together.  We met for a few years until many moved away and our group splintered into the way of life.

During those times I was consistent in writing.  I kept a notebook with me to write phrases and feelings and words.  It was exhilarating!

I am starting to feel this way about blogging.  I know in my “about” section I promised I would write and predicted I would stumble, what I didn’t expect was this stuttering that I am doing.

Here is a secret I have held on to.  My family and friends all encouraged me to blog.  They all said, you should write out some of the things you think and say.  Not one of them knows I have started this blog.  That one sleepless night when I approached the word press site and signed up, I made a deal with myself and the Lord.  He is the only One I trust totally with any and all decisions.  So, the Lord and I made this deal (well, I really shouldn’t include Him as most times He allows me to go off on my own and then  reels me in with laughter and I told you so yank, all spiritually, of course. How was that for a run on sentence in a sentence?) that I would not tell my friends and family about this blog until I had accomplished some things.

Those things I wanted to see happen with this blog are as follows.

1. I would have at least 8-10 people following me.  Total strangers who wouldn’t know me if they found me dead in their lunch box.

2. I would have people make comments, positive and negative, but always helpful.  That way I would know I could take the ‘encouragement’ given by family and friends that I may not take so willingly.

3. Someone, anyone, would let me know this blog has touched their life, hopefully for the good and not that it gives them constipation or a migraine.

So, dear blogging fellow adventurers, you have the rest of the story.  I am stuttering here.  I posted the other day and it has haunted me as bad, very, very bad all week-long.  I have thought of trashing it, but somehow I think it serves as a reminder that I really can improve.

I posted another post the other night and somehow lost half of it into cyber space.  Where it landed, I know not where.  The half that survived is now floating in the trash can of the cyber world.

So, as for followers, I have four very brave souls who venture hesitantly onto my blog.  Thank you all.  I hope that in the future you won’t have my blog to serve as what not to do.  I hope, that it will be like all of yours, full of ideas, thoughts and words and phrases that make the world a brighter spot for me.

The comments I have received have been like cool water on a very hot dry day.  I appreciate each.

So, again, with my brain full I send this post.  I welcome any ideas or thoughts.  Gee, I would even love if you would leave a series of words as a challenge for me to write something.  I once wrote a story using the words juxtaposed, gray, and time.

All things are possible.  I have long thought that this wish to write has been lifelong and placed deep within me by my Creator who has placed a story in me to tell.  So, if anyone has the key, please send me a note about how to unlock that which is pounding on the door of my brain waiting to be free.

Thanks for sharing in my adventure, as always, DAF


10 thoughts on “Stuttering

  1. Oh, my goodness, this was so heartfelt and touching, and I want to be an encourager. It’s so hard to put yourself out there, and if you worry about what you wrote every time you hit the publish button, you aren’t going to enjoy blogging, and blogging should be fun, or don’t do it. As long as you try your darnedest not to embarrass anyone or tell other people’s business without their permission, go ahead and hit that button. Every post is not going to be wonderful. I don’t want to think about some of the stinkers I’ve published. But it’s a blog, and blogs are quick writing, not masterpieces, though as writers, we want everything we write to be worthy of a Pulitzer Prize.

    As for inspiration, that’s a toughy. I get some of my ideas from looking at old pictures and remembering an incident from childhood, or reading the morning paper, or a conversation with my husband. Hubbies are great blog fodder! DAF, feel free to email me and we can “chat” more about this so I don’t make this comment any longer than it is.

  2. I for one (and I know I’m not alone here) am so glad you decided to blog. I love your blog and took forward to each and every post. It’s true that sometimes what we write is just “stuff” but I think that the “stuff” is what gets us thinking in bigger terms and helps lay a foundation for what we are really trying to say. I hope you’ll keep it up 🙂
    Because I love your blog so much, I’d like to share a little blog love with ya. I am presenting you with the ABC Award for your awesome blog content!!

    Don’t forget to pass it on to five of your favorite bloggers and grab the image for your sidebar if you want to let everyone know how awesome you are… or just to remind yourself on the days you’re wondering why you’re writing. 😉

  3. My very dear anonymous friend,
    I agree that I am very glad you have taken that step of faith to blog. I find myself very blessed to be able to read your blog. You are very real with what is going on in your life and you do not try to sugar coat the life of a writer like so many do these days. I am also finding myself in the stuper of what to write about next. I think too often we try to force our next topic out and really we need to be patient in the Lord’s timing and wait for HIm to share our next post with us. Blogging does not come easy for me, I don’t have much of a past with writing and it is a challenge to get the words to roll off my fingertips and onto the keyboard. I othen become insipired to write when I am most vulnerable with the Lord and am in complete awe of how great He is. I encourage you to dig deeper into the Word (either with the help of a devotional or on your own) and figure out what the Lord is trying to teach you and write about that. I have some sites that I look to for inspiration posted on my blog if you would like to check them out. My best work is when I am completely open with myself and others so I challange you to open up and do not second guess yourself on your latest posts. Each one of your posts means something very special to someone and they/you just don’t know it yet. Reading your blog certainly holds a special place in my heart and I get very excited when an e-mail arrives in my inbox that you have a new post so I thank you for being faithful and blogging. Know that you are valued and your posts are found encouraging.

    Your fellow blogging friend

  4. Wow, now I need to find the kleenex box… oh the heck with that, I will just go grab a paper towel. I love seeing your smiling face appear on my email and also, I find myself praying for your rest each night as I go to sleep myself. thanks for the encouragement!

  5. Coming East,
    Thank you so much for your sincere encouragement. I look forward to our cyber conversations and I will take you up on continuing this talk. I appreciate you, you’re the best!

  6. how do I drag this awesome award? I am flattered and blessed Wendy, thank you so much. You make me smile with each post, keep em coming, just wish you had a picture of the maid watching you with the lint roller. I smile each time I think of that!

  7. DAF, I also enjoy your blog and our connection through the cybersphere. Any writing that is heart felt is good writing and this post is heart felt and I loved it. I have recently started a writing course, my first ever as I have never really consider myself a writer. At the very first class, the message was write at least 10 minutes every day using a pen an paper, write the first things that come into your head even if you think it’s junk and above all, keep the pen moving. Don’t second guess, just create – there is always time to edit later, Maybe you can make these principles yours.

  8. Thank you, that is a good refresher for me, although I tend to write online or with a computer since my hands no longer cooperate with pen and paper… ahhh, old age attacks!! thank you curtain raiser, I so appreciate your comment and support. Good luck with your writing course, enjoy it and I know you will do well!

  9. It was very funny… after she left. I think while she was there I started to actually sweat, which I’m sure added to her suspicions. Ha!
    I did leave some hints about getting the ABC image on your blog. I hope it helps. 🙂

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