We Interrupt This Meltdown for the letter “M”

Or, a better title, “would you like some cheese with your whine?”

Spoiler alert: Disconnected ramblings from a would be writer?  I mean, would be writer.

Did you ever have days where you feel like the voices in your head are arguing?  I have had a constant battle raging in my head since early Saturday morning.  So far, it seems to be at an impasse.  And, no, I do not have a headache with the war going on… go figure!

Let me go back a bit.  All day Friday as I read blogs and commented on blogs, I kept thinking how entertained, blessed and just all around felt good in what I was reading.  Jumbled titles danced through my brain and I sort of formulated posts with each title as it pirouetted across my mind.  Goal: write a post that will draw people to read my post and have a life changing experience, or at least have a smile cross their face.  Write post on Saturday, or at least soon.  As you can tell, I set hard goals for myself.

Saturday morning I awake.  I make the fresh juice, make coffee, walk my dear little puppy.  Forget totally in my relaxing morning that I have a baby shower for a woman at my church to attend early afternoon.  Come back in from said walk and go online.  Maybe, I think, I will write that awesome post.  Thoughts creep into my mind, “I have something to do, what is it?”

Oh yes, make some flight arrangements.  Google airlines, make reservation, arrange pick up at airports.  Contact everyone who will be affected by said flight.  Okay, that’s done, maybe now I can write that post.

Then comes the first volley in my head, “you have something to do this afternoon.”   Gentle hit, no damage.  Second volley answers back, “It’s that baby shower, maybe you could bow out.  Do it nicely though.”  AHHH, it hits me. I am leaning toward listening to the second voice when I remember that I am thinking all this while looking at the gift registries for my daughter’s baby shower and wondering why there are still so many things unfulfilled.

SMACK! That was right between the eyes.  Guess that life changing post will wait and I will go to the baby shower.

Next volley involves needing to fill up the empty tank in my car.  Figure out that and the timing, realizing shower is an hour away and I am still sitting at the computer in my walking clothes.

My dear hubby volunteers to go fill the car up while I finish getting ready.  Bless his heart, what a dear.  (Remember that sentence)

Finish getting ready and grab the gps out of hubby’s car, thank him, kiss him good-bye and wonder why I am feeling so agitated.  I decide the agitation is from those voices arguing in my head.  Get into car, plug-in gps since I cannot, for some reason, push the on/off button manually.  As I am plugging in the gps a spark comes out and pieces of the gps charger go flying all over the front seat.  I head back into the house and explain the situation.  Get a not so nice response which then makes me start to sound like those infernal voices arguing still about going to the baby shower.  Hubby turns gps on and I send him a glaring look, like this is all his fault.

I head to the shower and notice that the clutch in the car is acting funny.  I say a prayer that it will continue to work well (it has a history of taking mini breaks from its job) and try to think on more positive things, like my blog.

Get to the neighborhood of the shower, clutch is really rebelling by now.  There were so many stop signs and with each one I growled a bit more.  Finally get to shower, tried to seem thrilled to be there.  Accepted an ice tea when the sangria would have been a more fun choice.  Trouble is, she only offered a glass and I felt like I needed at least a gallon to improve my mood. (I exaggerate, really a quart would have done the trick!)

Sit down at the shower.  Get handed the newborn, well truthfully he is 8 weeks old.  He just had some vaccinations late last week.  As I am sitting holding the baby, dressed in a nice skirt and top, cute open shoes, I begin to calm down.  I got to the shower, the car is resting and most likely will behave when I get back in it.  Take a deep breath and enjoy this gathering.  All of a sudden the vaccinations hit this baby.  He turns feverish and starts to pull his little legs up to his little chest while screaming.  I shift him a bit to make him more comfortable and out it comes… all over me.  It has been a long time since I have had baby throw up drench me and as I look down at my top I hear the voices in my head call a cease-fire and start to giggle.

I recover and wipe myself off and start to get the baby settled.  Then his older brother comes running from behind me and knocks into a table that has three glasses of sweet tea on it.  Yep, you are so right, I am now drenched head to toe.  The voices in my head are now hugging each other and rolling over with gales of laughter.

That was the highlight of the shower.  I leave about an hour later longing for a shower and quiet.  I head to the car.  It is behaving also.  Good.  I find my way out of the neighborhood since the gps has turned itself off and I couldn’t get it back on.

All of my grumblings on the way up are slowly being replaced by trying to be in a better frame of mind.  I head to the store to pick up some things for dinner.  I head into the parking lot, shift down and thump, the clutch is on vacation.  I take my foot and pop it up.  No problem, close to home, just get stuff for dinner and get home.

Go into the store, and head back out.  Thump, pop with the foot.  Stop for red light, thump, pop with the foot.  I am now wondering why I thought open toed shoes would be cute.  I am also feeling sticky from the tea and smelly from the baby.  I am wrestling the clutch and daring anything to make me stop once more, or have to shift once more.  I get to the driveway, turn the car off, slam the door and stomp my way into the house.

Poor hubby, without realizing what he is about to do asks very sweetly, “Did you have fun?”

At which point I think I hear those voices doing a victory dance in my head to the tune that sounds somewhat familiar, sort of like that 1966 song recorded by Napoleon XIV, “And they’re coming to take me away Ha  they’re coming to take me away ho  ho he he ha haTo the happy  home with trees and flowers and chirping birds and basket weavers who sit and  smile and twiddle their thumbs and toesThey’re  coming to take me away ha ha…
Read more: LARD – THEY’RE COMING TO TAKE ME AWAY LYRICS http://www.metrolyrics.com/theyre-coming-to-take-me-away-lyrics-lard.html#ixzz1sts50Gw0 Copied from MetroLyrics.com ”

And so, again, no great post, just the jumbled ramblings of a woman who just had “one of those” weekends.  I hope if anyone has ventured to the end of this post that your weekend was quiet, peaceful and free from battles in the mind.

Thanks for listening, DAF


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One thought on “We Interrupt This Meltdown for the letter “M”

  1. Ha-ha, DAF! Don’t you see, Girl, this is the stuff great post are made of! Now stop worrying about finding blog topics. They are all around you. They are called LIFE! Well done!

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