A House Quiet

As I sit here listening to my favorite cd and savoring my second cup of coffee I am enjoying a quiet house all alone (well, the dog is here, but he isn’t talking much).  This may not seem too unusual for many of you, but for me, it is a bit of heaven.

For the past year my dear hubby has been home.  Not retired, not unemployed, but home.  He has been ill and although he truly has been sick, he has not been down hard like an invalid.  He has been camped out on the couch for most of the year.  I have begun to refer to that piece of furniture in the family room as his “office”.

Bless his heart, I know it is not what he would like to be doing at this stage of his life, but for some reason he has not been able to do much else.  He has puttered in the garage and I have called upon all my sanity to not lock him in the garage for a few days.

Today, he has ventured out to volunteer with a friend for Habitat for Humanity.  Personally, I don’t know how much help he is going to be as he does not have the stamina to do much, but I applaud his effort and wish to do something.

Now, you can see that I have a dear husband who, even though dealing with his own personal issues wants to give to others.  This is just one reason I love him so.

The question  comes to mind, “what are you doing, DAF?”.  Well, let’s see I thought long and hard about this since he decided last night to go help.  First off, I think I will go back to bed after he leaves…  then I will  have a second cup of coffee and read the blogs I follow… listen to my favorite cd loudly since I won’t be interfering with his time on his laptop.  Most of all enjoy the quiet of being alone.  It is not that he is loud or noisy, it is just that I sometimes need just me time.

As I write this, I hope I don’t disturb most of you.  That is not my intention.  It is a unique situation for me.  I am planning on getting my heavy cleaning done this morning.  vacuuming without having to watch if I am in his sight line of the t.v., or that I am not interfering in a phone conversation.  Most of all,  I can vacuum without being told I am missing a spot.  I may even polish the furniture and not get a lecture of how it can be done differently.

It’s not that he is particular about any of these things, he is just so bored and beside himself with not being able to actually do his work outside of the house and have his freedom also.  I would love to see him don his suit once more and head out at O dark thirty with coffee mug in hand and computer bag in the other.  I would love to stand at the window and blow him my usual kiss and watch him drive away.  This is a norm for me.

I am grateful that he had not been bedridden for the most part this past year, and I am grateful he is on the mend slowly.  But, I miss the old normal.

So, enough of the waxing nostalgic, I need to get up and get busy.  Lug the vacuum cleaner down the steps and clean without someone watching over me.  Gee, I can even sing and dance while cleaning.  Oh yeh, the dog, he hates my singing.

Have a good day all!  DAF

Let me know what you think!

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