Week 27!

For those of you who look at my blog you may have noticed that there is a countdown to July 16th.  I am so very excited for that countdown to finish.  I will then be holding my very first grandchild.  A grandson.

As I read about week 27, I found out my grandson is the size of a head of cauliflower.  Mind you, it doesn’t say if it is a big head  of said vegetable or the small you pick up when you want to be proud of buying a vegetable, but don’t want to have to eat it for the next three weeks.

Today I read that this little baby has increased brain activity, that he can have hiccups and that his eyes can open and close.  As I read this, I thought, okay, I have felt a baby having hiccups in utero, it isn’t always that fun as your ribs take a beating and your stomach is doing the mambo, but I hope my daughter gets to experience that sensation.  I know the baby’s brain activity has increased since after talking with my very intelligent daughter, I noticed that this degreed woman was stumbling to remember simple words.  She was frustrated, and I hated to tell her that the baby was sucking all intelligent thought out of her brain so she could be “just another mom” in a few years.

The thing that really intrigued me was the baby could open and close his eyes.  What is the baby actually looking at in there?  The light cannot be very good, unless it is true that the belly button is a little peep-hole into the real world.  I think the next time I am able to travel up to see my daughter I will bend over, lift up her shirt and after greeting my grandson, I may put my eye over her belly button and see what I can see.  Of course, this may really creep out my grandson who could be looking and see a Gulliver size eyeball looking back at him.  Who knows, that may delay his arrival.

I never really stressed having children to my daughter and her husband.  I figured it was their business when and if they had kids.  I secretly hoped for the chance to be a grandma, I think the title will suit me.  Everyone who is a grandparent has told me how wonderful it is.  They go on and on about the feeling your heart has when you see them for the first time.  They talk about the little fingers and toes.  The smell of a newborn drives them to tears of joy.  Just wait, they say.  Personally, I cannot wait, I don’t want to.  I won’t be that grandma who tears up at the sight of the little fingers and toes.  I won’t be the one who constantly sniffs their little head to permanently etch the newborn smell into my collective memory.  I won’t because I am already obsessed!  I already show total strangers the ultrasound picture.  I proclaim to any and all that come July I will be a grandmother.  One of those tottering old women you see driving slowly down the fast lane, the ones you barely see over the steering wheel as their turn signals stay on left as they turn right.  That is me!  Gray hair, come on!  Rocking chairs, let’s rock it!  My lap is ready and my arms are flabby, but come July just try to get that child away from me.

I told my dear hubby that I may not have accomplished much in my lifetime, but I think I am going to be a successful grandma.

The glory of the young is their strength;  the gray hair of experience is the splendor of the old.  (Proverbs 20:29, NLT)

3 thoughts on “Week 27!

  1. Thank you Coming East! You have blessed my day more than you will ever know. And yes, I will get busy sometime today just after I check my email and facebook one more time…

  2. What wonderful news. I never had grandparents – they had all passed before I was born. But, I have witnessed my parents’ relationship with my children and everybody is enriched by it.

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