A Good Day

Sundays should be a good day.  Church is a good way to start to the day.  If you choose not to go to church, then having a day to sleep in and just relax and take time with an extra cup of coffee can be just as good.

Today, I had several cups of decaf.  It was wonderful.  I also  had a wonderful time at church.   We go to a very small church that meets in homes.  Each time starts with a pot luck… how can you go wrong with a choice of yummy dishes?  It’s even better knowing that you don’t have to cook it all. I tried being very good this morning.  Decaf coffee (did slip a bit with the flavored creamer…), had a small helping of potatoes and some fruit.  I sat feeling very righteous all through service knowing  I did not fall face first into the box of donut holes or the tray of cream cheese cinnamon rolls.  I thought to myself, well done.

Then church ended… yes, we did have a sermon in there, and no, it wasn’t about food, even though that has been the bulk of what I have talked about.  We did learn about faith and strength and endurance in our walk with our Lord.  Good stuff… but not where I was headed!

I felt so good about my choices first thing this morning, that is until after church and I stood around the dining room table talking to some people.  As I stood talking I found myself breaking off a piece of those cream cheese cinnamon rolls.  Did I stop at a piece?  I confess, no, I did not.  I ate half of one.  I was about to reach for a donut hole when one of the kids grabbed the last remaining two and cleaned out the box.

After church my dear anonymous hubby and I went downtown.  We were on a mission.  (Notice how I put the word mission in there while talking about the sabbath?? Pretty clever on my part).  Now before you think we were being spiritual and about to repent (on my part) for grabbing the cream cheese cinnamon roll, we were on a mission to find a pub where a long distance friend had directed us.  This said pub was mentioned on a web list of having some of the best french fries in the country.  When I heard this bit of knowledge, I went to the website and sure enough, I knew where this place was and more importantly, the pictures of the hamburgers looked divine!

So, off we went.  We sat at a quiet table and we devoured our lunch.  The fries indeed were incredible.  Crisp, salty, peppery, and no grease or limp fries.  They were very good.

Now, I know I should write and say that we then walked our lunch off and did some super spiritual thing afterward, but to say that would not be truth.  We enjoyed our lunch, walked the block back to our car and smiled at each other.

We then took off and enjoyed a beautiful day together.  We did not talk much, but we rolled the windows down and let the warm spring air mess our hair and we drove.

This was a good day for several reasons.  First of all, this is the day that the Lord has made.  The psalm says this.  We did rejoice and were glad in it.  The sky was a beautiful blue and the clouds were fluffy.  The air smelled sweet and there was a peace in the car even as my hubby passed and sped up and made sure all his gears were working.

Sometimes good days are just days.  There is nothing particular in them, they just unravel and you sit at midnight and look back on it and smile.  Today was that.

I still feel stuffed.  I mentioned how good the fries were.  The burger, I think, is still just sitting in my stomach.  I should have just had an order of fries.  But on the whole, I haven’t had a day like this in a very long time.  I felt like I had a break from what has been a new normal for us.  There were no talk of doctors or concerns.  It was just us and the day and the blessing of being together in a fast car driven by a man who sometimes forgets he is no longer 17.

I hope for whomever is reading, that you had a good day.  A day filled with the things that make your hearts go, “Aaaahhhh”.  We need that in the busy weeks that fill our lives.  As we start this new week, I hope you have a week filled with not only the aaahhhh’s, but also laughter and relaxation.

Thank you for taking time to read, as always, DAF

Let me know what you think!

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