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I have chronic insomnia.  I have had it all my life, in fact, it is a way of life for me.  I don’t know how people can say, “I’m tired, I’m going to bed.” and then they actually fall asleep!  Amazing.

While I lay awake, questions pop into my mind.  Those questions usually drive me back up out of bed and I stumble to where the computer is to find the answers.  I squint in the darkness as my screen lights up and then I hear our dear anonymous puppy come stumbling down the stairs to look at me like I am crazy.  This is what happens most nights.  Those nights lead me on a quest and usually a list making venture.  Of course, the next day I look at those inspired lists and toss them easily as they make absolutely no sense to me in the light of day.

The question I had this week I did not bother googling it.  I decided I would ponder it and write about it to see what advice I would get from cyberspace.  Here is the question, please someone, anyone, answer it!  Why does your bed feel more comfortable in the morning than it does at night?

I fight my bed nightly.  It is a relatively new bed so it is not that I am not used to it.  My pillow is broken down just how I like it.  My husband is not so new, but, he too, is broken down just how I like it.  I don’t do caffeine after 3:30 p.m..  I don’t eat before bed.  I have both exercised and not exercised before bed, and it makes no difference.  Each night it is the same battle.  I  toss and turn and complain to whoever can hear my mental yelling about how uncomfortable I am.

Finally I fall asleep.  When I start to wake in the morning I always feel so comfortable.  The argument with the bed is over and we are now best friends.  It holds me so nicely and it is soothing to me.  It beckons me to stay put and to start my day in a while.  It tricks me into thinking we are good friends.  I always hate to part ways in the morning, but I do.  I lovingly straighten out the sheets and the blankets.  I put the spread on it and promise to visit again soon.

You would think after that it would welcome me back at night, but something must happen during the day.  Maybe this is the problem, what do you think?


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3 thoughts on “Question of the week…

  1. Anonymous friend,
    I have the same problem. I have tired the no caffeine thing after 4pm, exercising versus not exercising, and even have tried sleeping pills yet I find myself many times struggling at night to fall asleep and usually end up getting out of bed to do something productive since I can’t sleep and hope that eventually I crash and leave myself enough time to get a good nights sleep before I have to rise in the morning and start my day again. When morning rolls around I find that it is insanely hard to get out of bed. My bed is formed perfectly to my body and my head lays just right on the pillows. Sometimes it is not a problem for me to get up but most days it is a challange. I have observed that if there is something I have to get up for that isn’t in my usual schedule I can get up, but if it is the daily wake up for class and work then I have no motivation to get out of bed. I think it has something to do with how much value I place on what I am getting out of bed for, will I really loose anything important to me by not getting up when I am supposed to, and will I be held accountible if I don’t get up on time. I still have yet to find an answer to this problem but it is something I face daily. You are not alone in this my friend. If you find any answers I would love to hear them!

  2. Hi Jessica, I feel your pain!!! As for the morning, each day as I love the feel of the comfort of the bed, I turn to look towards the window and I think, today is a new day, thank you Lord for making it and allowing me to be a part of it. I may do the same old thing over and over, but it is a new day and I want to see how it unwinds. Maybe that will help you to get up. Have a good day and tonight I will think of you and pray you can sleep right away comfortably. If i hear of any other earth shattering ideas, I will pass them along!

  3. Such an encouragement! I have been praying that the Lord would give me the strength and motivation to get up each day and allow me the time in the morning to spend with Him and have more hours of the day to glorify Him with. Thank you so much for the prayers! I will be thinking of you as well.

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